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Will Fitz Have To Sacrifice Mellie On Scandal?

Or will he be able to track down the members of the shadowy cabal before they detonate explosive drones over nine major U.S. cities? Kim's got questions!

Anyone else have a hard time taking this show seriously after seeing the parody in Dear White People?

If you've watched the Netflix series, you've seen Defamation, their not-that-far-from-reality version of Scandal. And boy, did they nail it. From the odd diction and use of phrases like "do your job" and "bitch babies" to the quick turns from fighting to fucking with no segue, every time I hear Kerry Washington speak, I expect Fitz to tell her, "Blow me." (No, seriously. You should watch Dear White People for a lot of reasons, but that's one of them.)

How hard is it to take out a drone, anyway?

Because with the ones I've seen, a strong breeze sends them soaring off course. Obviously the ones that Peus has deployed over nine major cities in America are probably military grade and all that, but I dropped a drone one time and it broke. How is our military not prepared for this?

Why is Liv not in the Situation Room when she's getting the calls from Peus?

So Fitz and his Cabinet and advisers know that Peus is behind the drones. And Peus is calling Liv every so often to demand that she hand over Mellie to be Peus's Presidential puppet. But Fitz is in the Situation Room, and Liv is somewhere else in the White House. Shouldn't they be in the same place? So that Liv can relay any important information immediately to Fitz? And shouldn't Huck be there too, in case he manages to determine Peus's location, so he could relay that information to the military as quickly as possible? I know the Situation Room isn't huge, but it just seemed weird that they were in two different locations.

Does Joe Morton have stock in throat lozenges?

Because he not only has to deliver monologues that are pages long, but he also screams really loudly at least once per episode and it sounds like the kind of yelling that would really hurt your throat. I'm worried about him.

How did everyone on set resist the urge to yell, "What's in the box?"

When Huck and Liv were watching surveillance footage of Rowan opening packages every few days and then recoiling at what was inside, I would have been the person looking over Huck's shoulder and then yelling "What's in the box?" like Brad Pitt in Se7en.

Not to mention, how did everyone on set resist the urge to say, "The human head weighs eight pounds"?

Even though Rowan claims that the human head weighs nine to eleven pounds, we all know from Jerry Maguire's little Jonathan Lipnicki that it actually weighs eight. And if someone in the writers' room started talking about how much the human head weighed, I would probably just repeat that quote over and over again. It's like these people never watched movies in the '90s. It's probably a good thing I work from home.

Does Cyrus even have an official White House position?

He's right by Fitz's side in the Situation Room as Fitz gets each and every briefing and giving advice on their best course of action. Does he even have security clearance anymore? Last I knew, he was the VP-Elect, and then a death row prisoner. Now he's just roaming the halls of the White House with the ability to get involved in any situation he wants? What is he, Ivanka Trump?

Was it the best idea to kill both Peus and Samantha?

I mean, don't get me wrong. I was happy to see them both die, not just because I didn't love this storyline, but also because they were just bad people. But what if they weren't the end of the road for this shadowy cabal? What if it's turtles all the way down or whatever? Wouldn't it have been smart to keep one of them alive to gather information about their motivations and tactics? I'm just asking here.

How can you believe any plot machinations on this show?

There have been so many twists and turns, that no matter what a character does, I assume it's a fake-out. When Rowan took Samantha hostage, claiming he wanted to run away, I knew he was secretly working with Fitz, because nothing on this show is what it seems. And even if I were wrong, the fact that I didn't buy into the storyline in the first place seems like a problem. Maybe if I were just watching this show with popcorn and wine and not writing about it, I would feel differently.

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