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Who Will Be The President Of Scandal?

As the season starts on Election Night, we have semi-burning questions!

Does anyone else feel like it's too soon to watch even a fictional female candidate lose a close Presidential race?

In the first ten minutes of this new episode (which was written and filmed before the U.S. Presidential election), Mellie loses to Vargas due to one county in California.

Does anyone else feel like it's too soon to watch a Presidential candidate claim that there must have been voter fraud?

Though at least it makes some sense when Mellie, who is on the losing end, clamors for a California recount. Liv takes a moment to pull herself together and then delivers some hard truths to Mellie about how the campaign is over and they lost, then basically dictates Mellie's concession call to Vargas.

Was that...Mrs. Schue as Jake's drunk wife?

Yes, the role has been recast. Joelle Carter is on one of those NBC Chicago shows now, so Jake's wife is now played by Jessalyn Gilsig, formerly of Glee.

Was it obvious Vargas was going to get shot or have I just watched television before?

As soon as they showed Vargas at his victory speech, I said out loud to no one, "He's going to get shot." And he did, about two minutes later, by a white dude who, it seems, was acting alone. So now Cyrus is President-Elect? Is that how it works? Anyone else feel like the Framers of the Constitution were a little too vague on some points of order? Like what DO you do if the President-Elect gets assassinated before the Electoral College votes or the election is even certified? Also, how do you get rid of a President who has lost his flipping mind? Asking for a friend. I think this paragraph was hacked.

Can Mellie and Liv get a spinoff where they travel the country Thelma and Louise-style?

Since Thelma and Louise had a bad end, maybe it could be Oprah and Gayle-style. Do you guys remember that week of Oprah's shows where Oprah and Gayle drove across the country together and Oprah was not there for camping and Gayle just gave her shit? That was good stuff. Anyway, Liv and Mellie could hook up with hot dudes and help women reclaim their strength and realize they don't need a man to stand on their own two feet. It practically writes itself.

Tony Rivetti / ABC

Tony Rivetti / ABC

Was that Marcus giving updates in the White House Press Secretary role?

Is he Fitz's press secretary now? Did I just forget when that happened last season? I mean, it has been a long time. Wasn't he working on Mellie's campaign last we knew? Liv bullies Marcus into telling her that Frankie's done for. But her poncho/opera glove combo (she took the gloves off in the picture above, but they matched her shoes) is enough for me to forgive her bad manners.

Does anyone else feel like it's too soon to pretend anyone in America needs a tutorial on the difference between the popular vote and the Electoral College vote?

David Rosen briefs Fitz on who legally becomes President if Vargas dies. Rosen says that if the Electoral College had already voted, it would definitely be Cyrus, but since they haven't dot dot dot.

Is Rowan actually trained as an curator or whatever?

Because he has a gigantic office in some museum basement, so did he pay someone off or did he legitimately earn this office while doing all his black ops stuff as a side hustle? Anyway, Liv visits to ask if he shot Frankie Vargas. He claims that Cyrus did it.

Tony Rivetti / ABC

Tony Rivetti / ABC

Does anyone care that Charlie and Quinn are going to get married?

No. No one does.

Why does Liv take her father's word on anything?

Liv makes the Gladiators investigate any ties between Cyrus and the shooter, and when they can't find anything, she storms over to the hospital. There, she finds Cyrus in a catatonic grief state, and Abby reports he's been like that since the shooting. Why did she believe her father again? He's a lying liar who lies and I don't get why no one has killed him yet. Anyway, Liv retracts her story to Fitz, and he throws his weight behind Cyrus.

Or is Cyrus actually the murderer?

Charlie recovers a call a Vargas campaign aide named Jennifer made to the FBI tip line claiming Cyrus was responsible. When Huck and Quinn go to find Jennifer, she gets blown up before they can talk to her. So Liv waltzes into Cyrus's office and whispers that she knows he did it and she's going to take him down. That seems way too easy. I still don't think Cyrus did it. I totally think he's capable of it. But there will have to be ten more twists and turns before we find out the truth.

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