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Spin Control

Congress decides to investigate Fitz for possible impeachment-level offenses while Liv tries to publicly rehabilitate her image.

  • Party!
    Byron Cohen / ABC

    Byron Cohen / ABC

    Break Out The Brownies

    What's the occasion? The television coverage of the media circus that Fitz and Olivia's relationship has become, specifically the announcement that the Senate will be holding a hearing to determine if Fitz committed any impeachable offenses.

    What are the refreshments? Platefuls of brownies, cheese and crackers, pate, booze.

    Whose big public scene will everyone be talking about tomorrow? Well, since Cyrus is the only attendee, no one will be talking about it, but he does make a bit of a scene when his husband (remember that dude?) tries to get Cyrus to take a shower, and get some sleep and maybe sunlight. Cyrus refuses.

  • Meeting Time



    Who called the meeting? David Rosen.

    What's it about? He advises Fitz, Abby, and Lizzie on how to proceed now that there's going to be a hearing.

    How'd it go? First, Fitz has to get a lawyer. Second, Fitz has to stop talking to Olivia about the case. David Rosen feels that Fitz will be lucky to get away without getting impeached, and he might even face criminal charges. I mean, Fitz has broken a lot of laws. Like, A LOT.

  • That Happened
    Michael Desmond / ABC

    Michael Desmond / ABC

    Olivia has her own problems, mostly public relations ones. So she hires Leo. Nice to see them remembering that Paul Adelstein is on the show! He sweeps into OPA, insults everyone, and decides that they're going to position Liv and Fitz as the romance of the century. Didn't they try this once before? This sounds familiar. Anyway, Liv doesn't like this tactic, so when Quinn suggests that they position Olivia as down-to-earth and a woman of the people, Liv is on board with that. Leo says that if she wants to be seen as part of the ninety-nine percent, Liv needs to downgrade her wardrobe and start doing things like grocery shopping for herself. THE HORROR.

  • Awkward

    Heeeeeeeeeey, Buddy!

    Situation: Olivia needs someone to publicly vouch for her character.

    What makes it awkward? The only person she can think of her is her ex-fiance, Edison. And he now knows that she lied to his face about her relationship with Fitz.

    How is order restored? After spouting his anger (including a callback to the second season episode "A Criminal, A Whore, An Idiot, and A Liar"), Edison agrees to help Olivia out if she tells him the truth. She apparently does, because in the next scene, he's giving an interview about how Olivia is awesome and the public has got it all wrong. Man, if I were in his shoes, I would have told her to hit the bricks.

  • Character Study
    Byron Cohen / ABC

    Byron Cohen / ABC

    That's Counselor Snell To You!

    Name: Patty Snell.
    Age: 50ish
    Occupation: Lawyer.
    Goal: To help Fitz avoid getting impeached, and boss his staff around like the idiots they are.
    Sample Dialogue: "Already with the lies. I can see I've got my work cut out for me. What's she doing here?"
  • Plot Lightning Round

    Mellie tries to advise the Senate Committee (one of whom is Gypsy from Gilmore Girls!) on their next steps and the two co-chairs have to awkwardly remind her that she has to recuse herself and resign from the committee, because there's a bit of a conflict of interest. Mellie is surprised to hear this? Really? Did she think she would be allowed to question Fitz in front of Congress?


    Mellie leaks that Fitz gave Olivia a ring, and the media has a field day. Leo is furious because he asked Liv if she had any gifts, and she said no. Leo decides it's time to go back to his original plan, and paint Liv as a lovestruck romantic with hearts in her eyes.

    Byron Cohen / ABC

    Byron Cohen / ABC

    Mellie visits Cyrus and they make up and have a giggly slumber party while watching all the media coverage together. Cyrus apologizes for bringing Olivia onto the campaign in the first place and Mellie asks him to come work for her. So this should work out well, with these two plotting against Fitz. Right?

  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Meet My Fake Wife!

    Liv visits Jake, who is shacking up with Elise. Olivia explains what Leo wants her to do, and Jake doesn't see the problem. Until he slowly realizes that the problem is that after doing this, Liv will be permanently tied to the White House and Fitz, and she won't have an out on their relationship. Olivia says that's not it, but then admits that might be it. This twist actually makes sense to me; part of the allure for Olivia was Fitz's unavailability and now that he's finally available, she's not sure if she wants it. Anyway, Jake advises her to tell the truth and tell her story. Later, they share Gettysburger and joke about his wife. I like these two as friends. I feel bad that Elise is probably going to ruin things soon.

  • Citizen Journalism

    True Romance

    Well, you will not believe it, but my Dateline was pre-empted again! Now they are talking about impeaching the President and holding hearings and is this 1972? Maybe I accidentally got into that Back to the Future time machine or something. Did you see that Michael J. Fox on Jimmy Kimmel? I saw a clip of it on Good Morning America. I'm so happy he's working. Anyway, I meant to tell you that they had a whole interview with Olivia Pope, and she's not at all what I thought! She's really nice, and sweet, and she's just in love with the President! She talked about how she wishes she never met him, because once she did, she just couldn't help but be in love with him. So romantic.

    Carol said it's all a bunch of, pardon my French, BS and that it's not that hard to avoid sleeping with a married man. Carol said you just have to keep your drawers on! That Carol, she's so bad. I think the whole thing is like one of those Hallmark movies. Ooh, I saw that the Christmas movies will be starting up soon. I like to watch one of those every night while I drink my tea and sometimes I even have a cookie. They say that Olivia Pope drinks wine and eats popcorn. Maybe I will try that! Don't laugh! Okay, so maybe I will try a wine cooler, but it does sound like a tasty snack.

  • Alert!

    Double Cross

    Alert Type: Backroom Deal Alert.

    Issue: The Senate Committee heads are trying to blackmail Marcus Walker into feeding them information about OPA, by threatening to dig into his past and the past of his family and friends.

    Complicating Factors: Quinn and Huck are doing the same thing on the other side, except they're planning on planting evidence in case they need to blackmail the Senators later.

    Resolution: Marcus doesn't betray OPA, but serves as a double agent and gets a photo of some of the documents the Committee has unearthed.

    Spoiler: Olivia takes one look at his photo and runs to David Rosen, where she finds out that the Senate Committee is on track to discover her kidnapping tape, and thus evidence that Fitz started a war in West Angola to purchase her freedom. In case you weren't sure, that is very much an impeachable offense by any standard.

  • Wrap It Up

    Fitz finds Liv waiting for him in the residence, wearing lingerie, and she plays "Let's Get It On" with a record player? Why a record player? And such an obvious choice? Liv, I am disappoint. Anyway, Fitz immediately pops a boner and they start doing sex, but Liv quickly whispers in his ear about the Committee possibly having the kidnapping tape.


    Via whispered conversation (which, why? I mean, they are probably being recorded but that never stopped them from discussing all manner of illegal activity before), they decide that they can claim Fitz never saw the tape and the war was just a coincidence, but then they realize that Cyrus can refute them, and probably will, since Fitz was such a dick to him.


    Fitz calls Cyrus away from his slumber party with Mellie and offers him a job back in the White House. Cyrus turns him down and goes on a REALLLLLLLLLLLY long rant about how he knows every detail about Fitz's day (which is less "competent advisor" and more "creepy lovelorn stalker") because he's always been super-devoted to Fitz and Fitz never gave a shit about him. That is a weird reason to turn down a job. I have never expected an employer to give a shit about me, as long as my checks arrive on the reg. I mean, it's nice when they do, but it's not required.


    As Cyrus prepares to drop the mic and leave, Fitz calls out that he does remember details about Cyrus, especially about his friendship with Olivia. Which isn't really about Cyrus, but I guess Fitz is making the point that, when you love someone, you pay attention.


    More importantly, Fitz APOLOGIZES and TAKES RESPONSIBILITY and if he were doing this out of the goodness of his heart, I might be impressed. But really, he's doing it to save his ass.


    Luckily, Cyrus is a pragmatist too, and after spitting out his list of demands (which include Lizzie getting the ax), he tells Fitz how he'll lie during testimony and if Liv and Fitz were worried about being recorded in the residence, shouldn't Cyrus and Fitz be worried about being recorded in the Oval? Also, poor Mellie. First Fitz rejects her yet again and now Cyrus is throwing her over to go back to Fitz. That girl can't win for losing.

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