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Scandal's Presidential Candidates Head To Florida For An All-Important Primary

But if Liv and Abby can't stop bickering, both of their candidates might lose.

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    Alert Type: Fake Gay Marriage Alert

    Issue: Michael (Cyrus's fake husband) is, for some reason, upset that Cyrus works all the time and is cheating on him. I was pretty sure that their whole relationship was just a financial arrangement so I'm not sure where this is coming from other than plot contrivance. Also, Cyrus is still trying to edge out Alex Vargas in Frankie's campaign.

    Complicating Factors: Alex provides Michael with evidence that Cyrus is cheating, and in return, wants evidence that Cyrus was involved in the hostage-situation shooting that kicked off Frankie's campaign. Alex also wants to release info about Frankie's daughter, who is fighting cancer, to get sympathy, but Cyrus and Frankie disagree.

    Resolution: Michael gives Alex a flash drive which he claims has the goods on Cyrus, but it really has a script or virus or something that e-mails photos of Frankie and his daughter to the media. Cyrus is able to verify to Frankie that Alex is the source. Alex gets fired and Cyrus thanks Michael and agrees to go to counseling. To revive their fake marriage.

    Spoiler: When Cyrus gets home, Michael and the baby are gone and Cyrus acts like he's upset instead of relieved. I don't know why the writers ever gave Cyrus an actual child, and I don't know why they are pretending he would care (or notice) if that child was gone.

  • Awkward

    Air Traffic Control

    Situation: Mellie needs to get to Florida to attend a dinner that could earn her an endorsement from Florida governor Baker and a win in the Florida Primary.

    What makes it awkward? Abby decides to pretend that Air Force One is having mechanical problems, and since Mellie's plane is on the same tarmac, she will have to wait to take off and thus miss the dinner.

    How is order restored? Liv leaks Abby's fakery to the press and both Liv and Abby continue to try to spin the story. So order is not yet restored, but Liv's team suspects that Liv is cracking up because she killed a dude with her bare hands and also she's doing nothing about the Jake situation.

  • Meeting Time

    It's Annie Potts!

    Who called the meeting? Florida Governor Baker, played by Annie Potts.

    What's it about? Everyone wants Baker's endorsement, since we've been told she can deliver the Florida primary. But Baker secretly meets with David Rosen (who's been sleeping on Susan's hotel room floor, because they couldn't just get a suite or adjoining rooms or something to throw the press off the scent of their fake relationship?) and asks him to stop investigating a big Florida sugar company in exchange for the endorsement for Susan.

    How'd it go? David pretends he still has scruples and takes the issue to Lizzie and Susan. Lizzie is, of course, for it. Susan is completely against it, even if it means she loses the nomination.

  • Plot Lightning Round

    Frustrated that her plane is still grounded, Mellie throws a tantrum and Marcus ends up being the one to comfort her. Are those two doing it yet? That's the only storyline I actually care about on this show anymore. Anyway, while Liv is off cracking up internally and Quinn and Huck are complaining about that, Marcus reminds Mellie that she could talk to Fitz about the issue directly, and if she does it publicly, he will have no choice but to discuss it with her.


    Mellie exits the plane and stands on the tarmac, waving at Air Force One, while the press goes nuts. I think this show really overestimates how many photographers would be assigned to cover two planes taking off from a private California runway, even if one of them was Air Force One. Anyway, Liv is apoplectic that Marcus let this happen, because they don't know how it will play in the press.


    Fitz realizes he has no choice and jogs out of Air Force One to greet his ex-wife. Mellie jokes that if they don't do something soon, Liv is going to kill Abby with her bare hands. Fitz can't believe she's joking about this; Mellie didn't know that Liv murdered Andrew like a week ago. Somehow this turns into Fitz and Mellie talking about Liv as if she were their adult child, wondering if she's getting enough sleep, exercise, and food.


    Fitz returns to his plane and orders them to get moving. Liv is still mad that this all happened without her okay, but no one really cares. But Liv has an idea.

  • On The Menu

    What Kind Of Crow Will The Candidates Have To Eat?

    Susan and Hollis (and their staff) are eating with Governor Baker. Hollis and the Gov are yukking it up about how much they hate government oversight while Susan picks sullenly at her meal.

    Orange-Glazed Chicken: Florida's oranges provide sweetness to this entrée, but there is no sweetness in evidence when Mellie shows up late to dinner and Governor Baker refuses to let her in. That is, until it is revealed that Fitz is with her, and no one is going to refuse the President a seat at the table.

    Spun Sugar Atop Chocolate Mousse: The dessert showcases Governor Baker's ties to the sugar industry, but Susan brings everyone down when she points out that the sugar industry also contributes greatly to pollution levels, and the Governor's alliance with them will ultimately bring her down. Susan seems fun.

    Hella Wine: After Susan's pronouncement, Abby downs her glass of wine and Liv one-ups her by finishing the bottle.

  • Wrap It Up

    That night, David tells Susan he was proud of her tonight. He prepares to sleep on the floor yet again. Susan tells him that he hurt her more than she's ever been hurt before. Really? She got to forty-whatever and never had her heart broken before? Anyway, they hold hands and Susan cries and I guess we're supposed to think that she might take him back.


    Baker endorses Susan, which no one saw coming after Susan was such a crotch at dinner.


    Huck confronts Liv about her deal. Like, what is it? Her deal? I think I zoned out for a while but from what I gather, Liv tried to claim that she's never felt better and then starts crying because she can't help Jake or her father will kill him. And also, she's totally not her father just because she killed someone.


    Abby yells at Fitz for overruling her on the airplane thing and reminds him that she runs him and he runs the country. So he needs to stop getting in the way of her doing her job. But what's she really mad about? Because when people on television yell, it's always not about the thing they say they're yelling about. Turns out Abby is upset that Liv killed someone. Fitz gets it, and advises her to tell herself a story about what happened in order to forgive herself. Maybe she should quit her job and run away while she still has a shred of humanity.


    Hollis Doyle wins Florida. Turns out Baker's endorsement doesn't mean as much as it used to.


    Lizzie realizes that David Rosen did make a backroom agreement with Baker, but he didn't tell Susan that he did. That probably won't come back to bite him in the ass.


    Abby finally confronts Liv about that time when Liv was totally condescending to Abby instead of being supportive or acknowledging that Abby was actually good at her job. Liv yells that she wants to win the White House. With that aired out, Abby and Liv realize that they have to team up to beat Hollis.

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