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Scandal Swears In A New President, But Will It Be Able To Keep Her Alive?

Will they be able to prevent her assassination at her own inauguration? Who’s really behind the assassination plot anyway? Kim Reed has questions about the Season 6 finale!

Is it a good idea to make Fitz the dummy who has to have everything explained?

One way to fill the audience in on a bunch of information quickly is to have one character be a newbie or otherwise uninformed individual who must have everything explained to him or her. As one character explains everything to the newbie, the audience learns everything they need to know. In the opening scene of this episode, Fitz is the one who has to be informed that Marie Wallace was behind the Vargas assassination and ensuing mishegoss, but since he's the President of the United States, it makes him look dumb. Bad choice.

Would anyone really be upset if they cancelled the inauguration?

I mean, all the hotels and restaurants in DC would be, probably. But is there anyone outside of DC who really gives a shit? I love pomp and circumstance and ceremony, and I don't even watch inaugurations. And if it means the candidate I voted for gets to live and serve out her term? Hold that shit underground in a bunker.

Is Marie really dumb enough to leave all of her plans lying around?

When Jake's dudes bust into the warehouse where Marie has been plotting, they don't find her, but they do find all of her maps and important documents. She may as well have left them a filing cabinet with all of the papers filed in folders like, "How I, Marie Wallace, International Terrorist, Planned the Vargas Assassination" and "Follow This Money Trail To Prove My Guilt Beyond a Reasonable Doubt." Wouldn't she have just set a convenient fire before she jetted? Unless she wanted to get caught. Hmm.

Why is Maya/Marie the best?

Accusing the security guard of not having "black girl magic." Singing "Go Down Moses" while she was in chains. Issuing a clapback to her ex-husband. Basically accusing him and all black men of using up all her power and then leaving her for Becky with the good hair. I don't know what Khandi Alexander's availability is like, but I would have preferred having her be in every episode this season over Joe Morton. A little of him goes a long way.

How cold was it when Liv insulted the new chair Quinn has installed in her office?

Quinn asked her if she liked the chair and Liv said, "It only matters that YOU like it." Ouch. That’s like something your mom says when you are fourteen and buy some ridiculous trendy outfit and ask her what she thinks, and she doesn't want to harsh your buzz by saying how ridiculous you look, but also can't lie right to your face.

Why are they acting like the inauguration is the only time Mellie could be assassinated?

Eli tells Liv that they should just hold the inauguration privately and then they can wash their hands of the whole thing. First of all, a good assassin would infiltrate it anyway, like Eli did with Vargas. Second, there are a lot of other opportunities to kill the President, one would assume, since we've had assassinations before and none of them happened during inaugurations.

Fitz isn't going to stay in DC for his kids?

I know we all must pretend that Fitz and Mellie's kids don't exist unless they are a plot point, but Fitz was just going to up and move to Vermont and leave Teddy behind? Mellie's not going to be around for him on a day-to-day basis, nor should she be. She's the President. And then when Liv tells Fitz that she was going to ask him to stay, he never says, "Hey, that would be a great idea because then I could also see my kids more than quarterly!" Between this and Meredith's invisible kids on Grey's Anatomy (don't get me started on how much she must pay her nanny for basically twenty-four hour on-call service), I don't understand why characters have to have kids at all. I mean, just send them to boarding school or ship them off to the grandparents or something. The way things are written makes me feel like they’re all terrible parents, and I don't know if that's the intent.

Would Olivia, the PR professional, really make out with Fitz as he headed into Marine One?

Not only does it make their relationship public, it's going to pull focus from Mellie's first day in office. What do you think the story will be tomorrow? "President Inaugurated As Usual" or "Outgoing President Frenches New Chief Of Staff In Rose Garden"?

So what's the setup for the next (and final) season?

Mellie is President and Liv is going to install Cyrus as VP now that Luna Vargas is dead. Abby and Quinn are going to run OPA and also raise Quinn's baby. Both of Liv's parents are still alive and presumably free, and Liv is the new head of B613. I haven't been really excited about a season of this show in a few years, but I am excited about this next one, because they know going in that it's the final season and I expect a high body count.

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