Scandal Puts Huck's Life In Danger

Huck gets put through the wringer and leaves the audience wondering, 'What if this show but no Huck?' It might be an improvement.

When an episode has Huck getting shot three times, stuffed in a car trunk, and tossed in a lake, and I was rooting for the lake, I realized that it's time to fully commit to the idea that I hate Huck. Or, at least, that I hate the way the writers write Huck. But what specifically from this episode led me to this conclusion?

Huck Gets Shot By A Professional Assassin, But Not In the Head

Meg is supposed to be some sort of professional spy person, in the same vein as all of the former B613ers, right? When she takes out her primary target, Jennifer Fields, she shoots her once right in the forehead. Smart! And then she shoots Huck three times in the torso with no head shot. Did she run out of bullets? Did she want him to die slowly of blood loss, or maybe infection? WHAT KIND OF ASSASSIN DOESN'T FINISH WITH ONE TO THE HEAD? Every movie or television show I've ever watched has taught me that you always finish with one to the head. So right away, it was obvious that Huck wasn't going to die, which took away any and all suspense, and just made the rest of the episode an exercise in annoyance.

Huck Goes Over A Cliff In the Trunk Of A Car And Is Basically Fine

So Meg the Terrible Assassin, all one hundred pounds of her, manages to dump both Jennifer's and Huck's bodies in the trunk of a car (did she use a dolly? Some sort of pulley system?) and doesn't notice that Huck is still breathing. Huck wakes up when the car stops, so he smartly prepares to attack Meg as soon as she opens the trunk. Except she doesn't open the trunk. She pushes the car over a cliff and into a lake. Which also doesn't kill Huck or even really injure him beyond his bullet wounds. It isn't a short cliff.

Huck Slowly Drowns Inside A Car Because He's Dumb

First, let me just admit that being inside a car that is slowly sinking is my nightmare scenario, which is why my husband bought each of us these little tools that you put on your keychain and one end of it can be used to cut your seatbelt and the other end has a little button-operated punch that will shatter glass, so if you get trapped in a fire or underwater, you're more likely to be able to get out. But also, because I have this irrational fear, perhaps I have done more research than most about how to handle such a situation, because that's my anxiety-management plan. That said, I couldn't believe how long it takes Huck to think about kicking out the back seat to get into the main part of the car. And then, once he gets in there and can't roll down the windows, he has to have a vision where he goes all Beautiful Mind in order to calculate that he needs to wait until the car filled with water, thus equalizing the pressure inside and out, so that he can open the door. That's just basic "trapped in a car underwater." ...You know, the more I type it out, the more I realize that this one might just be my own personal insanity. But it's still painful to watch.

Huck Forgets That Cars Have Four Doors

So Huck waits out the slowly-filling car, takes one final breath of air, and then opens the driver's door a few inches, except it's stuck on a rock. I guess the bullet wounds and blood loss finally got to him because he never even thinks about trying any of the OTHER THREE DOORS? Instead, he surrenders to dying until his mental vision of Rowan yells at him enough for him to figure out he can use the headrest to smash the window. Which he also could have done like ten minutes earlier, instead of holding his breath for five minutes or something and then somehow finding the strength to break the window despite his lack of oxygen and blood loss and general injuries.

So Huck makes it out of the car and to the shore, where he can slowly bleed out and hope someone finds him. Also, Jennifer Fields's body makes it to the shore too, like somehow it floated out of the trunk and through the window and to the shore? Or did Huck dive back down and get it? Who knows? I did not care and just hoped Huck would die already.

Everyone At OPA Loves Huck More Than Anything

But why? This is the crux of the problem to me. What is it about Huck that would cause Liv to slap Abby not once, not twice, but three times when she finds out Abby sort of caused the attack? And then threaten to chair her like she did to the former Vice President? That's hardcore. It causes Jake and Marcus to return to OPA to help find Huck. It even causes Fitz and his Secret Service detail to visit the hospital to support Liv. I feel like Michael Bluth when he meets Anne, George Michael's girlfriend. Really? Him?

But the person who loves Huck the most is apparently Quinn, even though she's engaged to Charlie, since when Meg dares to insinuate that Huck loved her more than he did Quinn, she slits Meg's throat. And when they all go to the hospital at the end of the episode to hope that Huck lives, Quinn is the one who has a nervous breakdown and ultimately climbs into Huck's bed to cuddle him when he wakes up, as Charlie looks on jealously.

Just because Huck's awake doesn't mean he's fine. When the doctor had told Liv about Huck's condition, she mentioned that even if he did wake up, he had been deprived of oxygen and might have "deficits," and my first thought was, "How would you know?" And thus I realized that Huck is not a character that I need to be on the show anymore, and in fact, I would probably enjoy the show more if he were dead.

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