Scandal Cuts Its Season 6 Episode Order Due To Kerry Washington's Pregnancy

Thanks a lot, baby. No, really: thank you!

Just hours after the world got used to the news that Kerry Washington is pregnant for the second time, Shondaland has a follow-up: Scandal's Season 6 episode order will be just sixteen episodes, down from the standard twenty-two.

This might actually be good for the show: very few dramas actually need seasons to be as long as they are -- and if you watched any in March or April, you know it's true. That's generally a pretty filler-riffic stretch. But those of us who watched the show during Washington's first pregnancy might be forgiven for hoping this blessed news means production on Season 6 is starting like now -- otherwise, the below-the-line staffers in the costume and production design departments are really going to have to hustle as they lay in new supplies of voluminous coats for their leading lady to wear, and large lamps for her to stand behind.


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