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Just When Liv Thought She Was Out…

They pull her back in. Well, actually she jumps back in.

  • Previously

    In his role as head of B-613, Jake killed James to keep him from talking about how the Veep murdered her husband, and Cyrus knows Jake did it! Rowan framed Mama Pope for the murder of First Son Jerry Fitzgerald, and then had Secret Service Tom point a gun at Harrison! The one person Rowan didn't kill was Mama Pope, even though he told Fitz he did in order to regain power in B-613; instead, he captured her and put her in a holding pit! Fitz found out that his dad raped Mellie, and that, coupled with their son's death, means that Fitz is staying married for now! That paved the way for Olivia and Jake to fly off into the sunset together, and for Jake to entrust David Rosen with the B-613 files so he could start prosecuting the bad guys! Meanwhile, Huck and Quinn who cares and Abby whatever.

  • Travel
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    Screen: ABC

    Where In The World is Olivia Pope?

    Liv and Jake got on a plane at the end of last season that took them to a tropical island off the coast of Zanzibar that's not even on any map!

    Mystery Island FAQ

    Q: What is there to do on this island?
    A: Take on fake names (Liv's is Julia Baker), not bother with the hair straightener, read popular novels, drink wine, and do sex on chaise lounges, which seems uncomfortable.

    Q: So do they have anything to eat besides, like, coconuts?
    A: Yes! They get groceries and beverages (including rare bottles of wine) delivered by some dude on a fishing boat, despite presumably having no electricity and thus no refrigeration.

    Q: Who is paying for all this?
    A: Jake? Olivia? Rowan? B-613? It's unclear.

    Q: So are Liv/Julia and Jake just going to stay there forever Blue Lagoon-style?
    A: Yes! Or at least, that's the plan until Liv gets an airmail letter from Quinn along with her fancy wine delivery, and learns that Harrison's body was found in the desert along with Adnan's.

  • We Made A List
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    Screen: ABC

    What's Everyone Else Been Doing?

    • Harrison: Being dead in the desert
    • Quinn: Wearing leather, looking old, and finding Liv
    • Huck: Working at a non-Genius bar, going by "Randy"
    • Abby: Working as White House Press Secretary, breaking up with David
    • Fitz: Firing his whole cabinet
    • Mellie: Wandering around the White House in her PJs and mourning her dead son
    • Cyrus: Not getting haircuts
  • Character Study
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    Screen: ABC

    New Bitch in Town

    Name: Lizzy-Bear (is what Cyrus calls her, and we never hear her real name).
    Age: Early 40s.
    Occupation: Republican National Committee Chair.
    Goal: To manage Fitz via Cyrus, with the grossest strategy possible.
    Sample Dialogue: "He's refused to do any fundraising, even though I specifically told you that the tragic death of his son would bring in millions of grief dollars."
  • Fight! Fight! Fight!
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    Screen: ABC

    Abby vs. Olivia

    Olivia thinks she's going to have a tearful reunion with Abby, but it turns out that Abby is pissed at Olivia for deserting all of them, and especially blames Liv for not being there to save Harrison. Olivia turns it around and points out that Abby actually WAS there and still didn't save Harrison. Liv spits out that she's going to plan Harrison's funeral, get the information to Abby, and then Abby can decide if she wants to attend.

    Winner: Olivia, if only because she does the Liv Stomp away.

  • Awkward
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    Screen: ABC

    Another Friday Night Dinner

    Situation: Without warning, Olivia shows up for dinner with her father (who already knew she was coming, because of course he did).

    What makes it awkward? Liv's whole goal is to ask Rowan if he killed Harrison.

    How is order restored? Rowan says he didn't kill Harrison, but he did "take care of" Olivia's mother, who poisoned Fitz's son. Wow, three lies in one sentence. Liv nods and says that her mother was a terrorist and a child-killer, so she doesn't deserve to live. It's hard to tell how much of that Liv is buying.

  • Meeting Time
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    Screen: ABC

    Hey, Remember B-613?

    Who called the meeting? Jake.

    What's it about? Jake wants to know why David Rosen hasn't done anything with all of the B-613 files that Jake passed on before peacing out.

    How'd it go? David says he hasn't taken action because the files were too scary (which, while probably true, sounds pretty lame), and Jake says if David's not going to do anything, he wants the files back.

  • Plot Lightning Round
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    Screen: ABC

    Cyrus is pissed that Abby (called "Red" by him and everyone else in the White House) didn't tell him that Olivia is back in town. Cyrus claims he should have been told because Olivia poses a threat to the functioning of the Presidency, and that things have been fairly smooth with her gone. After dressing Abby down, Cyrus immediately runs into the Oval and tells Fitz that Liv has returned.

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    Liv is contacted by Kate, an assistant to a Senator Vaughn. The lady Senator claims that she was having drinks with Senator Sterling, longtime and beloved (male) politician, to discuss passage of the Equal Pay Act, when he tried to sexually assault her. They struggled, and Sterling fell from the interior balcony of his home and died. Liv arrives on the scene and discovers that Sterling isn't quite dead yet. She snaps into Gladiator mode, hooks Vaughn up with a lawyer, and gets emotionally involved, to Jake's dismay.


    Mellie (still in pajamas) and Fitz go to visit Jerry's grave. She's sad. Who cares.


    Liv sits in on Senator Vaughn's meeting with her lawyer, but Senator Vaughn seems very fuzzy on the details of her alleged assault. Liv accuses her of lying, and gives her a moment to decide to tell the truth. While Liv is waiting, she calls Quinn, and together they figure out that Kate, the assistant, was the actual one assaulted, and that Vaughn, her boss, is covering up for her. And in yet another twist, Vaughn sent Kate over to Sterling's house knowing that he'd make a move, hoping to use it as leverage to gain his vote. Liv has heard enough, and walks out.

  • Passages
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    Screen: ABC

    R.I.P. Harrison Wright

    Harrison floundered last season without a real storyline, and that combined with the actor's offscreen legal difficulties meant that he had to get got. He'll be remembered for...being handsome? Seriously, what did Harrison ever do? At least his funeral features an amazing rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Aretha Franklin. And at the end, each Gladiator peels off à la Ocean's Eleven, until only Liv and Jake remain. And Jake notices that Rowan was there, watching from afar.

  • Meeting Time
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    Screen: ABC

    How's the Grant Marriage Going?

    Who called the meeting? Fitz.

    What's it about? He's worried about Mellie's increasingly erratic behavior, not to mention her drinking and general lack of hygiene.

    How'd it go? Not great. Mellie announces (to the audience) that Fitz tried to kill himself at some point. Fitz admits that Olivia is back, although he hasn't seen her, and he doesn't plan to do so. Mellie just wants him to tell her when he does see her, because he will inevitably come home and crawl in her bed and she wants to be prepared.

  • That Quote
    "I don't know if I can even imagine getting turned on by you right now. Oh, and FYI? When you stick your hand into my panties? Another thing that I just don't do anymore is WAX. Soooooo, it's 1976 down there."
    - Mellie Grant-
  • Wrap It Up
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    Screens: ABC

    Jake's ready to go back to the island, but Olivia has decided that Harrison would want her to stay and fight the good fight.


    Fitz named David Rosen as his new Attorney General. David accepts, despite his reservations that they're only giving him the job to shut him up about B6-13.


    Olivia decides to represent Assistant Kate, and frames it as a feminist issue, neatly tying into Fitz's push for the Equal Pay Act.


    Huck returns to OPA, so now three-quarters of the team are back together.

    Gif: Previously.TV

    Gif: Previously.TV

    Olivia and Fitz wordlessly pass one another in the Capital Rotunda, but they make eye contact, so that's probably happening again. Guh-ross.

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