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Is There Any Redemption To Be Had For Scandal's Cyrus Beene?

I mean, the guy has only had multiple people killed, blackmailed a bunch, lied to everyone, and stolen an election. What's not to love?

Wouldn't Cyrus have a Secret Service detail while they waited for Inauguration Day?

At the beginning of the episode, he is the President-Elect and he's just chilling at home with his husband and daughter before the press ambushes him. Wouldn't he have staff, a spokesperson, advisors, and all the other Presidential accouterments? When news breaks that David Rosen is re-opening the investigation into who killed Frankie Vargas, Cyrus has no one to call for help, which seems weird. In fact, throughout the episode, he doesn't seem to have anyone working for or with him.

Are we supposed to believe that Tom has a personality now, and feelings?

It was annoying when Cyrus started having an affair with Tom, because I was pretty sure Tom was some kind of assassin robot and I really didn't want to think about whether or not he had genitalia, but now I'm supposed to believe that he also has emotions? And that he's so in love with Cyrus that he's running around beating up women and assassinating Presidents because he thinks that's what Cyrus wants?

Why is Cyrus so defensive with Olivia about how he got on the ticket? Why does he even care? Given all the shit he's pulled, how is he offended that people think he did something vile?

Maybe he's been hanging out with saintly Frankie Vargas too long but suddenly Cyrus cares about his reputation? What happened to the political monster title that Cyrus used to wear proudly? This whole episode was an attempt to sell me on the idea that Cyrus has always secretly been an optimist who was willing to engage in murderous means in order to reach progressive ends. But I always thought Cyrus's life goal was power, and he knew that he was willing to do whatever it took, and was one of the few people on the show who wasn't fooling himself about what he was.

Does Cyrus have a sex secret? Or is he, like, really good at board games?

So now both Tom and Michael are totally warm for Cyrus's form? Jeff Perry seems like a decent dude, but Cyrus isn't, and he's not super-handsome, and he's pulling supermodel-caliber lovers. There must be something else I'm missing, and it's not power, because Michael especially doesn't seem to care about that.

When asked if you murdered someone, and you didn't, wouldn't you say no right away?

Because Cyrus just stares at the questioner for like ten minutes in silence. I don't see any reason to think it over or pause, even if you suspect that something you said or didn't say might have caused someone ELSE to commit murder, but you're not sure. I'm not asking the dialogue on this show to be documentary-level realistic, because the plotlines sure aren't, and that's much of the draw. But it just struck me that Cyrus, who loves to give pages-long monologues on anything and everything, didn't answer that question quickly.

Where is Jake? Where is Rowan?

Scott Foley directed this episode, so his absence is semi-understandable, although we only saw Jake for a few minutes this season on Election Night, and he bailed as soon as he and Mellie lost. He popped back up for like one scene in his role as National Security Advisor, but nothing since. Where did he go? What is he up to? And while Rowan is not my favorite character, when people are assassinating Presidents and trying to consolidate power, his absence is strange. You'd think he'd be all up in that biz, because that's his shit.

Was this whole episode designed to make me feel bad for Cyrus?

Because I don't. Here is a list of just some of the horrible things he has done: Fixed the election for Fitz and lied about it a lot, ruining the lives of anyone who tried to find out about it. Agreed to adopt a child he didn't (and doesn't) want to keep his husband from looking into the election-fixing. Had Amanda Tanner killed. Pimped out his husband to try to take down Sally Langston. Did not report his knowledge of Sally Langston killing her husband to any authorities so that he could use it for blackmail purposes. Withheld knowledge and didn't prevent a church bombing that killed a bunch of people. I mean, this is just off the top of my head. I'm sure there are many more. I wouldn't argue that Cyrus is the worst person on this show, because there are a lot of garbage people on the character list, but he's top three. I don't feel sorry for him.

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