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Is Jake Scandal's Worst Spy, Or Best Spy?

It's layers upon layers as Jake continues to complete missions for Eli, but is caught by Liv, but then getting caught may be part of his mission, but then he reveals to Liv that he hasn't achieved Eli's goals, so who is he working for, or is he hardly working?

Why are they making Vanessa into a major character?

Jessalyn Gilsig is a fine actress, although she excels at playing unlikable characters (Nip/Tuck, Glee), so I'm not predisposed to want to learn more about her character's background. And Jake has flip-flopped between good and bad so many times by now that I don't feel like the audience needed some huge motivation for him to flip back to good (or bad. Which was he by the end of last season again?). I don't care about her, her similarities to early-season Mellie, her marriage to Jake, her Massachusetts Democrat family, or her drinking problem. Also, I miss Joelle Carter. I should start watching Chicago Justice.

Did Liv and Jake sleep together after she gave him the impassioned speech about redemption?

Jake and Liv were at each other's throats during the campaign until Liv told him that she was trying to get Mellie elected cleanly, to make up for getting Fitz elected dirty. And then they stared at one another's faces for like five minutes, and then cut to Vanessa bitching about how Jake is always on the phone with Liv and meeting with Liv. So were they sleeping together? I don't really care one way or the other (see above) but I do enjoy seeing Scott Foley shirtless, so that was a missed opportunity.

When did Liv learn how to fight?

She's always known how to fight with her words, but she grabbed Vanessa's neck and threatened to "lay [her] out," which was pretty awesome but also seemed out of character. Liv doesn't use her fists. She uses verbal barbs and deep secrets to make her enemies wish she had just punched them.

How is the head of the NSA (and former B613 spy dude) so careless with his trackable whereabouts?

I get that Huck is supposed to be a hacker par excellence, but it honestly didn't seem that hard for him to track the signal from Jake's cell phone and then find a photo of him from a traffic camera. Jake was on a super-secret spy mission from Eli revolving around the assassination of a President-Elect, and was also the head of the NSA. Shouldn't he be more careful about letting people know where he is? Unless, of course, he WANTED Liv to find him. This is why this show gives me a headache sometimes.

Who in the hell was the boss lady in the red dress?

She marched in and told Eli that she's the one who framed Olivia by making it look like she paid off Tom to kill Vargas. She wanted an insurance policy in case Liv screwed up their plans to make Mellie the President. And now that it looks like Mellie is headed to the Oval Office (this whole episode takes place before the previous one), boss lady says that Liv and even Eli are expendable, so they'd better put up and shut up. And Eli actually looks cowed. So has Eli had a boss this entire time? And why are we only meeting her now? She seems like a boss bitch and I love it.

Other than silly drama, why was Jake silent on the car ride to the scary, deserted woods with Liv?

I get keeping quiet if he thought the car was bugged, or her phone was bugged, or whatever security reasons he suddenly dreamed up, but couldn't he write a note? Or mouth something? Why scare the crap out of Liv and make her think that he was going to murder her? Payback? Lack of empathy? It went on for a long time, and you knew Liv wasn't going to get murdered, so it was just lame. I was more annoyed for Liv than scared.

Am I the only one who pretends I'm detonating a bomb when I lock my car remotely?

Jake does it when he walks away from the exploding cabin without looking back. Whenever I'm in a parking lot, I always hold up my remote and hit the lock button like I'm a super-cool Angela Bassett type as I stroll into the grocery store. Just me?

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