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How Did Scandal Get From The Conventions To Election Night?

Since last season moved very quickly from Mellie and Vargas being named their parties' candidates to Election Night, the show takes time this week to fill in some of the backstory, which only raises further semi-burning questions.

If you're going to investigate the President-Elect for murder, shouldn't you keep it under wraps, at least a little bit?

So far, the people who either know about or are actively participating in the investigation include Fitz, David Rosen, Abby, Mellie, Liv, all of the Gladiators, and the FBI director (a boss bitch named Angela). And since the FBI was combing the exploded-cabin crime scene for clues to tie Cyrus to the crime, presumably some of their agents know too. Plus whatever White House staff overheard the various conversations. And the Secret Service agents hanging around, and we know from past experience on this show, those dudes are dangerous. I'm just saying, when the results of your investigation could trigger some sort of Constitutional crisis, you might want to keep it quiet until you have reached an airtight conclusion (or February sweeps, whichever comes first).

Where does Liv shop for coats?

Byron Cohen / ABC

Byron Cohen / ABC

Because the orange one she is wearing in this scene is amazing.



And look at the sleeve on this camel number! She also wears another great red poncho (without gloves this time) and a red coat, always with matching purses. I know the costuming in this mini-season is a ploy to hide Kerry Washington's baby bump, but damn if she doesn't look good in the process.

Are there only five high-level politicians in this universe?

Because when Democrat Vargas needed a VP, Cyrus was apparently the only choice, even though he was a lifelong Republican and had, in fact, served in a Republican administration. And now that Cyrus is the Democratic President-Elect (I guess), he offers the VP role to Republican Senator Mellie Grant. Isn't there an up-and-coming Governor or Senator or big-city Mayor or SOMETHING out there who would be more appropriate? Also, where are the heads of the Democratic and Republican parties? Because they would absolutely be involved in these decisions. I just find it interesting that in the Scandal universe, party affiliations are so fluid.

Are Marcus and Mellie the new Olivia and Fitz?

He works on her campaign, and they have a lot of chemistry, but they are forbidden to be together. Sounds familiar. And yet, I am here for it. And just like with Liv and Fitz, once the couple gets together and has a chance at happiness, Liv torpedoes it because it gets in the way of her career. I'm not saying Olivia is wrong (although it was a bit cruel). And I don't blame the show for trying to hearken back to more successful storylines of yore. I just thought they might be subtler about it. And then I remember what show I'm watching; subtle is not exactly their strong suit. I liked the slow burn of Marcus and Mellie's growing flirtation, and I don't think their relationship is over by any means, but I wish there had been more than three minutes of actual happiness before it all fell apart. It's difficult to mourn something that barely happened.

Will the show always answer one of our questions in the following week's episode?

Because last week, I was extremely confused about how Marcus became the White House Press Secretary out of nowhere, and this week we find out (via flashback) that Liv got him the job to get him out of Mellie's bed as well as convince her that Marcus is only using her for career advancement. I do not approve of clean-shaven Marcus, although it did help me keep track of which timeline we were in.

Also, if I get any say in which question gets answered in future episodes, can it be the one about Liv's coats?

Does Liv have any friends? At all? Anywhere?

Her closest friend is probably Abby, and I'm not sure they're super-close anymore after the events of last season. She used to be besties with Cyrus, but that's obviously out the window. Huck and Quinn have rightfully never been considered Liv's peers. I had high hopes for FBI Director Angela, with whom Olivia seems to have history, but it turned out that Liv was just hanging out with her to distract her from the ongoing Cyrus investigation. And also, now that Angela has confessed her attraction to Fitz (and Fitz might return her affections), Liv has to cut her dead. I guess Liv is just going to continue drinking wine alone in her soft pants and cardigans. No judgment.

What exactly did Jake say to the suspect in Vargas's murder to make him pee his pants?

I'm serious. I tried to imagine what someone could possibly say that would be so frightening it would cause involuntary urination. A picture of one of those giant Australian spiders? A description of the contents of the refrigerator in Steve Bannon's bachelor apartment? The loglines for the first season of a spinoff about Quinn and Charlie's first year of marriage?

Has someone made a GIF of David Rosen downing a giant glass of wine and saying, "The Constitution is going down in flames" yet?

Because I feel like that might come in handy.

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