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Does Scandal's Huck Need To Look Into Another Line Of Work?

And other employment-related questions as we discover yet another angle on the Vargas assassination.

Who's Meg again? Besides Huck's sparring partner?

Meg is Jennifer's best friend. Jennifer called in the tip that Cyrus killed Vargas and then was fake-killed by a cabin explosion, but we found out later that Jake saved her. Meg thinks Jennifer is dead, though. Huck felt bad for Meg, a real shrinking violet, and offered to teach her self-defense in case the bad guys who "got" Jennifer were after her too. Their sparring turned into making out. So everything's coming up Huck! He got someone to fight and someone to snuggle in one pixie-cut package!

Are we sure Huck is good at his job?

He's definitely good at hacking and computer stuff, especially when using those magic TV computers. He's good at torturing and killing people. But is he good at spying? Because the sequence where he follows Rowan into the Metro is amateur hour. He stays back at first, but quickly loses sight of Rowan and starts running around and looking into train cars like he's trying to find his wallet. No chill, that guy. And then later, Huck gets swindled by both Becky and Meg, although to be fair, Liv gets swindled by Meg too, eventually.

Exactly how many players are now involved in the Vargas assassination conspiracy?

Well, Liv and her Gladiators know about it, although they weren't involved. Jake knows. Jennifer knows, or knew before Meg killed her. Tom and Cyrus know that there's a conspiracy. Rowan knows. Rowan's patsy knows. Rowan's new bosses know, and Meg knows, and at the end of the episode, we find out that Abby is the one behind the whole thing? What happened to giving out classified information on a need-to-know basis? Why not just tell Fitz and Mellie too? Anyone else interested in the details of a federal crime?

Who is Becky again? And does she have the good hair?

Whoo, I had to look this one up myself. Waaaaay back in Season 2, Supreme Court Justice (and election-fixer) Verna Thornton hired Becky to assassinate Fitz. (We don't have room for me to explain why, seriously.) Becky was supposed to frame Huck for the crime, so she got close to him by pretending to be just another AA member. Huck fell in love with her, and then she killed the family that he used to watch and pretend were his own family, and also set him up for the frame-job. She got caught and is now in jail, where Huck visits her and gets fooled by her yet again. Remember when I asked if we're sure Huck is good at his job? Oh, and Becky does not have good hair. Maybe it's because she's in jail, though; I don't think she has a lot of access to styling tools.

Is Huck dead?

Well, he does get shot three times by Meg at the end of the episode. And there's a lot of blood pooling on the floor. However, if Meg wanted him dead, she would have shot him in the head like she did with Jennifer. And when she talks to Abby, she doesn't say that Huck is dead. And then there's the part where Huck is an opening credits series regular, and none of them ever die on this show anymore. The last one was probably James, Cyrus's husband, and that was back in Season 3. So I'm not too worried about old Huck.

Why hasn't anyone killed Rowan yet?

This is the burning-est of burning questions. Up until now, though, there was no excuse other than "He's Liv's dad (even though he's a monster)" and "He's somehow brainwashed a bunch of people into being contract killers." At least now we finally have a reason: if Rowan is killed, the shadowy organization pulling his strings will kill Liv.

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