Can Scandal’s Characters Work Together?

The major characters on the show gather in one location for the first time in a long time, so there are confrontations galore and disagreements aplenty. Can they put their differences aside to take out the shadowy cabal?

Why does Rowan require such a lavish assortment of the finest fruits and pastries?

I mean, this is just one breakfast for one person, right?


I realize they are trying to keep him in the style to which has become accustomed, but that seems like a waste of good croissants and danishes. There is a veritable mountain of baked goods. Someone had to bust out a melon baller to make that fruit salad. That is possibly more breakfast than I would eat in a month. So, perhaps related...

What exactly is Rowan so angry about?

When Liv and Fitz visit him in his bunker/prison cell, Rowan is spitting mad. Because they are protecting him from being murdered and/or extorted into doing terrible things? He was terrified of what the shadowy cabal was going to do to him in previous episodes. You'd think he'd be grateful. I guess he's mad that Liv and Fitz are back together, at least for now. But what exactly does he want? Does he want Liv to stick with Mellie? Does he want Liv to take down the shadowy cabal? Does HE want to take down the shadowy cabal? If someone could explain to me exactly what Rowan's motivations are at this point, I would appreciate it, because I honestly have no idea what in the hell he's even doing anymore.

What at Olivia Pope Associates is in charge of decanting the milk?

Or, for that matter, making sure they have Lucky Charms in their office pantry? Who orders office supplies? They are down to a skeleton crew, so when Charlie pulled out a glass container of milk to pour on his breakfast cereal, I couldn't help wondering who exactly made that happen.


Is there a mysterious support staff/cleaning crew that comes in at night?

Does Zoe Perry resemble her mother or father more?

Her father is Jeff "Cyrus Beene" Perry, and her speaking style often resembles his, but then I found out that her mother is Laurie Metcalf, the actress probably most famous for playing Jackie Harris, Roseanne's sister on Roseanne. And now I can't see anything else in her face, her speaking style -- everything.


Ms. Ruland still annoys me, but I think it's more the way the part is written than the actress. She's written to be the capital V Villain and there's only so many places you can go with that.

Is this the first time so much of the cast has been in the same room for a scene?

We get a scene with Olivia, Fitz, Jake, Rowan, Mellie, David Rosen, Cyrus, and Marcus all in one room. I can't remember that many cast members being together in one place in a looooong time, unless it was a scene featuring a ceremony of some sort where they're not interacting.


This was supposed to be the creation of the dream team that was going to take down the shadowy cabal, although there was so much infighting, for a long time it didn't seem to be likely to work. It was interesting, though, to see (for example) Rowan and Liv interact in front of everyone else; usually their conversations all happen in secret.

Did Rowan just call Liv a stripper?

Here's the quote, as Rowan talks to Fitz: "And what about you, Mr. President? Should I respect you? A man who could have arrested his son's killer but traded that chance for a cheap roll in the hay. That is why you spared me, yes? So you could buy your way back into my daughter's bed? I'm just cash to you. A wrinkled dollar bill thrown at the foot of a stripper." And when he says "stripper," he gestures toward Olivia. That's way harsh, Tai.

Who is Fitz to give David Rosen a pep talk on healthy relationships?

When David Rosen is worried that he's only attracted to women who are big trouble, Fitz tells him that guys like them (jackholes?) are only attracted to women who are "tornados" and they can't make themselves be attracted to "headband women" who would be supportive. Oh, fuck off, Fitz. I was just starting to like you again, and then you go and dismiss an entire segment of women because you don't have the imagination or intellect to imagine that women who dress conservatively or appear nice might also be dynamic and fun. You don't have to have break-ups and make-ups every other week to keep things interesting. Unless you're fifteen years old, mentally. Ugh.

If they can just arrest the shadowy cabal, why wasn't that the first thing they did?

So the episode ends with Zoe Perry getting arrested by...Olivia, who is suddenly a cop? Anyway, if Olivia can arrest her, why didn't she do that a few weeks ago? It seems like any sort of evidence, even flimsy evidence, might be enough to arrest them on terrorist charges, since they did conspire to assassinate the President-Elect. I don't know why I keep trying to make sense of this show. I need to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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