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What Will Happen When Cameron Diaz Hosts Saturday Night Live (this time)?

Her Justin Timberlake walk-on years are probably behind her...or are they?

11:30 PM Cold Open

President Obama (Jay Pharoah) attempts to pardon a Thanksgiving turkey in the traditional White House ceremony, only to face obstruction from grandstanding House Republicans.

11:35 PM Monologue

Host Cameron Diaz describes what it was like to play Miss Hannigan in the upcoming Annie remake, only to be upstaged by an increasingly insistent and adorable Quvenzhané Wallis (Sasheer Zamata).

11:40 PM Commercial Parody

A new Stouffer's line promises a complete, frozen Thanksgiving dinner for desperately lonely consumers.

11:47 PM

A wedding planner (Diaz) tries to keep her happy face on during an initial consultation on the nuptials for a young woman named Afton (Vanessa Bayer) and, via Skype, her fiancé, Charles Manson (Beck Bennett).

11:52 PM Short Film

A flight attendant (Diaz) working the day before Thanksgiving gets more and more testy and unhinged as she deals with the obnoxious travellers on her planes.

11:59 PM

Three new mothers (Diaz, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones) subtly and then not-so-subtly undermine one another's parenting as they watch their kids at the playground.

12:02 AM Commercial Parody

Kmart's desperate holiday ad promises that none of their stores will close at all between now and Christmas and that no shopping mayhem-related injuries or deaths will be prosecuted.

12:07 AM

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson perform.

12:16 AM Weekend Update

Drunk Uncle (Bobby Moynihan) expresses his dread for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday; Jaden and Willow Smith (Pharoah and Zamata) expand more on their recent, mostly incomprehensible joint interview in the New York Times.

12:31 AM

Niff and Dana (Moynihan and Cecily Strong) derail a pre-Black Friday staff meeting at Bed Bath & Beyond with their disruptive comments about their co-workers.

12:38 AM

A woman getting a haircut (Bayer) suffers through the "friendly" help/abuse of the various stylists at the salon.

12:47 AM

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson perform.

12:53 AM

Two MTA officers (Diaz and Moynihan) patrol a subway car keeping wide-legged passengers in check.

1:01 AM

People wave goodbye, hug.

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