Watch The Most Notable Moments Of Chris Hemsworth's Latest Trip To Saturday Night Live

Did Thor get upthtaged?

Chris Hemsworth came back to Saturday Night Live this week in time for Ron Howard's new whale movie In The Heart Of The Sea (which you're totally going to see now, right??? jk, no one is). Did he go up on his cue card at least once that I noticed? Sure. But he's so enjoyable to gaze upon that one can't really get too upset about it. Here are some of the episode superlatives!

Most Gasp-Inducing Surprise

Evidently no one in the studio audience had any idea that Will Ferrell was going to cameo as George W. Bush, because there was audible shock as he stepped out to the podium. (Sidebar: hey, SNL, if Donald Trump is such a dangerous clown, MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE LET HIM HOST???)

Most Believable Performance By An Australian As An Australian

Hemsworth spent his opening monologue confirming every stereotype I had of Aussies as obnoxious boors, and I loved it.

Best Musical Homage

Hunk Junction welcomes some amateur exotic dancers who make up in enthusiasm what they lack in raw sex appeal.

Worst Musical Homage

"Debra's Time" is a song cut from Company, or so it sounds, but wow, it goes ON.

Most Loving Slam Of Adult Star Wars Fans

Even the one I live with -- who bought his ticket to The Force Awakens the day they went on sale and told me afterward that I am not allowed to see it with him -- chuckled.

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