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Watch The Most Notable Moments From Russell Crowe's Saturday Night Live Hosting Début

What's most notable of all might be how little he was in it?

We Get It, You're Straight-iest

I guess I just really don't know what else to take away from the one-two punch of Crowe as a hologram Henry VIII...

...followed immediately by his Freudian dating-show participant.

Al Sharptonest

It's two Sharptons, no waiting, in the night's Politics Nation sketch.

Least Likely Revival

I mean, I loved Mike O'Brien starring in the Jay Z biopic, but I definitely never thought the show would go back to that well. Wrong!

That Color Purple scene, tho. hee hee hee!

Most Logical Conclusion

I feel like this is how most interactions between characters in TV ads should go, honestly.

Dumbest Sketch That Made Me Laugh The Most

The loved one a reality show chooses for you may not be the one you most want to see, but it's not the show's fault if everyone else in your life you treasure had a thing, and it's CERTAINLY not the fault of your uncle's friend Terry.

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