Watch The Highlights From Lin-Manuel Miranda's Debut On Saturday Night Live

Did America's Revolutionary Sweetheart rap his way into comedy history?

I don't know if you're keeping up with current events these days, but we're having this election season that's the craziest thing since, well, since Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton. Who better to help illustrate its more theatrical twists and turns than Lin-Manuel Miranda, the certified genius who has locked down the title of Broadway's Darling for life as the creator of Hamilton. If you didn't know him before, you sure should know him and love him, now, because this was the best overall episode of SNL I've seen in years. Yo, check the highlights:

Funniest Sketch Of The Night

If you've ever been anywhere near a high-school theater kid, you've lived it: the smell of the flopsweat, the polite clapping of the crowd, The Crucible cast party. God bless every one of us virgins who rocked 'til 11:45 in our show shirts. The sketch increased in exponential agonizing truths until Lin-Manuel was rapping in braces and a Newsies cap and I couldn't breathe.

Cold Open That Wrote Itself

Kudos to the writers for putting together an extended cold open to cover the catastrophic political events of the last 24 hours, and one that made me laugh through my utter disgust at that. Strong/Baldwin for um…Secretaries of Defense/Agriculture. (I adore Alec Baldwin, but I think he would agree he shouldn't have the codes.)

The Monologue By Which All Others Will Now Be Judged

Man, the man is non-stop. I'd say more about it, but he used all the words.

Best Use Of A Recurring Character

I will be first in line to buy Kellyanne Conway's book in 2017. Kate McKinnon manages, like some kind of wizard, to make me actually feel sorry for the wretched woman who has sold her soul to a demented Cheeto.

Most Welcome Though Unnecessary Surprise Guests

The appearance of former co-hosts Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon in an already-zinging Weekend Update as middle-aged Philly housewives was a welcome surprise. Was it the funniest sketch of the night? No. But if I could explain how accurately Tina Fey just was my South Jersey/Philadelphia mother-in-law, you would understand my extended cheering. It was like she came acrosst the warters of the Schuylkill wit' some hoagies and no doubt had a hidden pocket in that vest for her throwing batteries.

Most Poignant Sketch

Lin-Manuel Miranda as the busboy calling his mom from a phone booth in the fields of North Dakota, rhapsodizing about marshmallow salad and the baby blues of his "bud" the high school football star…hearing it all in Spanish made it even more sad and funny and strangely moving. When people look into LMM's eyes, how do they even live?

Most Enjoyable Break From Politics

Bringing this divided nation together on something about which our hearts and minds can all agree: the need for more Lucas backstory on Stranger Things. Any excuse for a Leslie Jones/Kenan Thompson combo on my TV is welcome.

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