Watch Highlights of Emma Stone Hosting Saturday Night Live For The Third Time

Sure hope you like humor about teenagers and high school!

Maybe it's that the future is feeling a little scary right now, but Emma Stone's third guest-hosting stint on Saturday Night Live spent a lot of time looking back, whether it was to high school drama (figuratively and literally), '80s hairstyles in an ode to holiday candle gifts, the days of even worse Hollywood sexism or, heck, the Nativity, why not? Stone is an old pro at this and was solid throughout, but the Trump cold open felt a little too on-the-nose. And a Jennifer Aniston double-shot appearance (promoting Office Christmas Party alongside co-stars Kate McKinnon and Vanessa Bayer) was okay, fine, but exactly what you'd expect. What else worked and didn't? Let's take a look!

Funniest Sketch Of The Night

If you were a very sensitive little boy who favored staring plaintively into a pool of water instead of roughhousing with a football, "Wells For Boys" probably hit you where you live. Did you long to be understood by your burger-grilling dad? Did you stare into a shattered mirror to study the complex contradiction of your own existence? Fisher Price has finally got a line of toys for you and Emma Stone will shout down any other little boy who just doesn't get it.

Most Criticized By A President-Elect, Seriously, This Is Reality

Donald Trump wasn't crazy about a sketch criticizing him for retweeting 16-year-old boys on Twitter and didn't get the irony of calling out a sketch calling him out for overuse of Twitter.

Such is life going into 2017!

Most Rachel

Vanessa Bayer's Jennifer Aniston/Rachel Green impression has been trotted out often enough that you knew it was only a matter of time before Aniston herself appeared to come on and act like she's offended by it (she's definitely not). The biggest take-away is that we all could really use a music cue that magically summons a giant plate of nachos. Get on it, Silicon Valley!

Better Political Sketch Than The Cold Open

"The Hunt For Hil" astutely points out how Hillary Clinton has completely dropped off the map since the election and then turns into a Bigfoot-style search in the Chappaqua woods. Is she seeking affirmation about recount efforts? Buying eggs at the grocery store? The search continues.

Most Unnecessary Takedown Of High School Drama Nerds

This sketch was right after the monologue and boy was it a rough way to get the show going. Yes, high school students take themselves way too seriously and their politics are so obvious as to be mockable. But did we need a five-minute sketch, with running commentary from audience members to tell us why it's supposed to be funny, to remind us of that? Worst sketch of the night, and that includes tough slog "Weekend Update."

Most Regifted

We all know that a $9 candle is the most obvious, lame, and unwanted Christmas gift of all, but now we have an homage to terrible '80s holiday music videos reiterating the point. Like the candle sitting in your closet for a year waiting to be given again, let this video be something you trot out every year to remind yourself, no fucking candles, you are BETTER THAN THAT! Your friend Jen at work will appreciate it.

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