Watch Highlights From Emily Blunt's Perfectly Fine Saturday Night Live Appearance

Maybe one too many Trump sketches, but the Girl On The Train actress is winning.

It's always nice when a performer known for serious roles (Sicario, The Girl on the Train) cuts loose enough on SNL that you want to high-five them and root for them in every other project they do. But as anyone who's seen Edge Of Tomorrow knows, Emily Blunt is kind of a badass and doesn't need your rooting; she's doing just fine and seems to be having a great time. That's despite some iffy material, particularly the audience-silencing Great British Bake Off sketch, which just didn't work (was it the audience not being familiar with the show, the lack of solid jokes, or the super-thick accents from Blunt and Cecily Strong that tanked it? We may never know). Nevertheless, there were a few gems in the uneven third episode of the season.

Funniest Sketch Of The Night

You'd probably be correct that the cold-open debate sketch or "Melanianade" were the talkers of the night and the ones that will be most passed around on Facebook Sunday morning, but in terms of actually bringing the belly laughs, my vote goes to "Chonk," a great commentary on plus-size clothing ads (why aren't there ads like this for men? Exactly. It shouldn't have worked as well as it does, but the "CHONK!" got me every single time.

Most Obligatory Sketch

Six days later, it was still impossible for SNL to ignore "the worst debate of all time," but unlike the one that opened the season, this one didn't quite find enough new angles and jokes to justify its length and at this point, there may be absolutely no humor left in the subject of Mr. Ken Bone. On the other hand, the Donald Trump Jaws moment was still inspired.

Most On Point

In one of four Trump sketches (five if you count the NYC escorts piece, which felt a little Trump-adjacent), the women in Donald Trump's life are given the floor in a musical sketch inspired by Beyoncé's Lemonade that seems destined for online glory. It's extremely well-executed and raises a good point about the psychological hellscape that Melania, Ivanka, Tiffany, Kellyanne Conway, and even Omarosa must be living in in this election. It looks and sounds great, so why wasn't it funnier? Maybe it's that Lemonade itself, which debuted way back in April, has already been dissected so much and for so long, or that there's some Trump fatigue setting in. It's a striking piece, nevertheless, so much so that it renders the "Melania Moments" sketch later in the show completely unnecessary. Can we kill those already? Three attempts, and not a one of them has really worked.

Best Entrance

Hey, Bruno Mars is back! And whether you love him (me!) or can't stand his stupid "Uptown Funk" fame, you've gotta admit, this was one hell of a musical entrance.

Silliest Sketch

I'm a sucker for humor about technology gone wrong and not-quite-intelligent artificial intelligence, so this sketch about Honda's malfunctioning robots (serving mini quesadillas and mac-and-cheese balls) tickled me. Honorable mention goes to the neverending-limo-in-the-drive-thru sketch, which was a great showcase for some really dumb characters).

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