See The Best of Kristin Wiig's Pre-Thanksgiving Hosting From Saturday Night Live

Less pointed Trump humor, more jokes about gravy boats and killing time at Target.

Kristen Wiig is one of those all-star SNL cast members who seems like she's always welcome to come back and guest-host once a season until the end of time whether she has a new movie to promote or (as was the case in her second outing as host) not. How'd she do? The show definitely felt more warm and fuzzy in advance of Thanksgiving and less pointed than last week's Dave Chappelle episode. And there was no Gilly, so that's cause for celebration!

Funniest Sketch Of The Night

The sketch that will probably get most passed around online, the Target commercial, was great (see below). But for pure laughs, my vote goes to the last slot of the night as Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon delightfully pit their respective cat lady characters against each other in the "Whiskers R We" piece. There's a big difference on SNL between cast members cracking each other's characters up and actually breaking character, and this slightly raunchy, totally daffy sketch walks that line perfectly. And if that's not enough for you, there were tons of cute cats, too. They are indeed the croutons on the salad of life.

Most Spot-On

For those dreading going home for Thanksgiving when the subject of the presidential election is sure to come up, this mock (but probably product-placed) ad for Target extolls the virtue of using the parking lot and the aisles of the store as a place to kill time and make eye contact with strangers about the entire story of your day. We've all used a random trip to the store to avoid family. And Target has giant tubs of cheese balls!

What We're All Thinking Sketch

After some unfounded internet chatter that Alec Baldwin wouldn't be returning to play Donald Trump post-election, the star was back for this week's cold open, in which he backtracks on Obamacare and the border wall, has no real plan for the military, and has to Google ISIS. That would have been enough for a shortish opener, but a very funny and brief appearance by Jason Sudeikis as Mitt Romney, "Big beautiful boobs in buildings," and Kellyanne Conway's increasingly dire existential crisis put this one over the top.

Wiig's Returning Characters

Sue, the lady who loves surprises, and terrible off-Broadway star Mindy Elise Grayson, were back in Thanksgiving and "Secret Word" game show sketches. The mileage you'll get on these really depends on whether you ever liked these characters in the first place, but they're both flawlessly executed by Wiig, even if the material is a little thin, especially the family Thanksgiving one (which nevertheless cracked up Leslie Jones when Wiig employed a funky excitement walk).

Most Relevant For Brooklynites

How did a Trump president-elect happen? You'll find clues in "The Bubble," about a planned community opening in 2017 for open-minded, but like-minded free thinkers. And no one else. There's a farmer's market, used bookstores, Bernie Sanders bucks, and no police or firemen whatsoever. Hardest-hitting: the dig at McSweeney's ("Hmm...clever.")

Most Unseen Sketch

This "Thanksgiving Foods" sketch, cut for time, is a bunch of goofy food jokes in the shape of a five-minute sketch. But it's nevertheless worth a watch just for John-Candied yams and Wiig's unwavering effort to sell the dumbest of increasingly dark non-sequitur lines. This might be the Wiig-iest thing of the night, but one that nobody actually saw on TV.

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