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Reason A very intense, very gross portrayal of reverse peristalsis.


Let's Gush About The Most Memorable Moment In Santa Clarita Diet's Series Premiere

This is a show that knows how to make a big splash!

When you go into a show knowing it's a sitcom about a zombie, it's reasonable that you'd expect some scenes to be a little gross. A normie's going to get his or her head smashed open to reveal the brain within. A slow-moving neighbour's likely to get relieved of some excess cheek skin. Maybe someone even gets a finger bitten off as a prelude to a thorough disembowelling! It comes with the territory.

The thing about every zombie origin story, though, is that the specifics of zombification allow for a lot of innovation. Is it a virus? Must you be bitten by a zombie to catch it? Can it be transmitted by a scratch, or even a single drop of blood falling into an open eye? And what happens when you're infected -- how long is the grace period before you become symptomatic? Does it make you move very slow, or very fast? Do you keep the same personality or do you immediately start grunting and drooling?

Santa Clarita Diet made a choice, and this is it.



Sheila and Joel are showing the Peterson house -- a property they've had a terrible time unloading -- to a couple who can't make up their minds about it despite having seen it on several occasions. In the middle of a sentence...the biggest shower of puke I hope I ever see. But hey, maybe it's just food poisoning! Regaining her composure and trying to brush back her now vomity hair, Sheila pledges to have the carpet cleaned immediately, agrees that they should reschedule another showing, and steps into the washroom to freshen up, while Joel walks out the potential buyers and their agent and returns to check in on his wife.



OKAY NO THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT JUST THE AFTERMATH OF SOME BAD MULLIGATAWNY. I said yesterday that this symphony of barf "belongs in the Comedy Gross-Out Hall Of Fame." And I stand by that.

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