Oh, But She DID Though

A surprise rule change adds sizzle to the Drag Race steak.

You know what, RuPaul's Drag Race? You do you. You mixed it up at the start of Season 6, and I liked it.

[sees you reading this]

Oh, hey! Don't mind me. I'm just talking to a television show like it's a sentient being. That's how I get with my girl Drag Race. Now let me summarize our kiki.

This year, the show kicked off with the typical entrance parade of new queens, each one trying to intimidate and/or irritate the other girls. There were the typical hijinks and cutaways to shade, and I swear to god, the producers must make each contestant film 10 minutes of "attitude bumpers" during an interview, then just edit them in as needed throughout the season. Can't you just imagine some queen going "Oh no she didn't! Oh NO she didn't! Oh no SHE didn't!" on an endless loop, like the pick-up track for a bitchy Teddy Ruxpin?

Anyway, the freshness came when the seventh queen arrived and…oops! RuPaul followed with the first mini-challenge. Only seven queens in this week's episode, with the next seven competing next time. And in both weeks, an elimination!


That's an excellent spin on things. As the contestants keep saying throughout the episode, it makes it harder for a middle-of-the-pack girl to squeak by from the gate. With only seven gals to watch at a time, Ru can be even more discerning.

Even better, it's much easier for the audience to digest the new faces when we can do it in two chunks. Before, it might have taken me a month to remember Gia Gunn's irritating ass, but now I've got it down. (And seriously: Shut up.) Plus, I already know that Ben DeLaCreme is the one who's REALLY cute out of drag, and April Carrion ain't no slouch either. Meanwhile, Laganja is so obviously Ducky from Sixteen Candles that we don't need to discuss it.

I also appreciate that this isn't a "thinning the herd" early start, where we meet 64 chefs or 200 singing teenagers, then watch them get whittled away. These are the ladies who made it, and the heat is getting turned up right away.

Along those lines: How about the complete lack of immunity this year? That's an idea whose time has come, and if other reality shows would follow suit, then freaking Nicholas wouldn't be our reigning Top Chef.

I'm already looking forward to the awkwardness of Episode 3, when the two flotillas collide, and all the queens (except Kelly Mantle; bye, gurrrl) have to come together. Somebody's gonna say something like, "Oh, I guess she's pretty good for Group B," and I will gag on it.

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