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Reid's back, and he brought a top-notch episode with him.

What a fun episode! I never had so much fun watching Ripper Street. No angst; no Thundering Reid Of Rectitude; no needlessly baroque side street off the main thoroughfare of the season's arc. Just a straight-up murder case, solved by the end with everyone working together and knowing one another's strengths, a little shot of the season-arc case at the end, and fantastic acting all around.

Just a few of my favorite places and faces from S03E06...

  1. Jackson in a tux + Reid in his Victorian spectacles = Buntsy in her bunk
    Mighty polite of Susan not to shoot him in the muttonchop as well.
  2. I laughed! A few times!
    That running (well: limping) gout gag with Artherton had no business working, but what can I say, well executed slapstick is funny, viz. Mimi storming into Jackson's lab, Jackson whirling around covered in gore, Mimi shrieking, Mimi stepping on Artherton's goutoe, Artherton


    and Reid's left brow

    2015-06-03-rs-reid-brow-01 2015-06-03-rs-reid-brow-02

    Lots of good lines (Lord Montacute threatening Reid with his "ruinous" attorneys; "Good evening! I am Vera!"/"...Strip."), and it makes fun of itself, too -- by which I mean Reid's customary dudgeon, which is more or less gone post-shooting, but that doesn't stop him from running the good cop/bad cop with Drake and bursting in on Drake "about to" cut a suspect's toe off. He literally yells, "THIS is an OUTRAGE!"


    Later, he literally clucks at something and Drake's like, oy. Hee.

  3. The entire interchange between Drake and The Future Mr. Rose
    I mean, I'm against it, because TFMR totally put the guilt on Drake about providing a more peaceful and assured future. But when he gathers his stones and pops Drake in the face, and Drake's about to bash his head fully in and then feels his bloody nose all, "Dang, good for that guy," and sighs, "You wear a ring, sir," and TFMR gulps, "I do," they have a moment where they each realize nothing's solved after all that. Nicely done.
  4. Okay, it's a little much that Jackson pioneers the use of the fingerprint in Whitechapel buuuuuut...
    ...he does it as a welcome-back gift to Reid, because he knows Reid is obsessed with fingerprinting, first of all. Second of all, it works, but not too neatly, because Montacute ends up walking. Third of all, when Jackson unveils the pictures of the fingerprints?


    It is ADORABLE. He's so excited! At the end, Jackson fishes the gun from the shooting out of a hiding spot in his bookshelf.


    THAT'S not going to be adorable for aaaaanyone, but based on the flawless pacing of this episode, I'm actually looking forward to seeing how it plays out now.

  5. Abberline's "A signed confession isn't enough for you, Shot In The Head Guy? ...Shit's sake" face
  6. Quite possibly the Britishest face in the world
  7. Laura Haddock as Vera
    She starts off highly off-putting; then the performance and Vera's incorrect affect morphs into something very weird and interesting; by the end, as she's confessing not to what she actually did but to how alone she feels in her pathology (and I don't know quite what we're meant to think it is -- I believe she knows she's a sociopath), and she's resigned that hanging is the only way, the only good thing she can do:


    She has great...interrogation chemistry, for lack of a better term, with Macfadyen, too. Charles "Michael Gregson" Edwards as the gradually crumbling Lord Montacute is just as good, and Macfadyen is wonderful here. Reid is so much quieter and more curious than before he got shot; Macfadyen plays it gently, and his face going cold when Vera asks him what he saw "at death's door" is lovely.

  8. Drake wins a dick-measuring contest with the one percent
  9. Adam Rothenberg's "Jackson imitating Reid" faces 2015-06-03-rs-ridiculous-hat 2015-06-03-rs-jackson-that-theory-stinks
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