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Bed Of Roses?

It's just like Ripper Street to screw up a perfectly good romantic pairing. Did they?

Not this one, anyway. Uh, "yet," because Rose is still agonizing about her intended, and who knows what Creepshaw is going to have done to her once he finds out that she saw Matilda at the clinic and tattled to Drake, and I would really like it if Jackson and Susan could just get over it, like, maybe everyone on the show could just get over their respective its and get it in on the reg, give the audience some shirtless protagonists, NBD, and then go solve cases without all the emotional PTSD all the time?

...You know what, let's worry about all that later. For now, rejoice, my fellow Rake shippers. Rose and Drake did sex. Let's pretend Ripper Street won't fuck it up by killing one of them.

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