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Review Proves That Eating Fifteen Pancakes Is One Of The Worst Experiences A Person Can Have

Although, that's before this critic has to review divorce.

It's finally here. The episode of Review that all the critics you follow on Twitter were promising would be one of the funniest half-hours of TV you'd ever seen while also trying their best not to oversell it. The episode with all the pancakes, and all the divorce!

So Forrest receives a video submission from a viewer about what it's like to eat fifteen pancakes. At first, Forrest is incredulous that he's actually going to answer such a silly question: "No. Really? That's the profound life experience he wants to know about?" But he gamely agrees to take it on anyway and try to find some meaning in it. And it doesn't go so well.


Forrest didn't expect to find any deep meaning in the pancake-eating experience, and his prediction was accurate. (Though I would be remiss if I didn't point out that eating fifteen pancakes might not be so unpleasant if he had ordered the pancakes three at a time, so that the majority of the pancakes he actually consumed wouldn't be cold by the time he got to them. Come on, Forrest!) But what he didn't expect was that eating fifteen pancakes would be so miserable that it would break him on some deep level he didn't even know was there, and require the intervention of his producer, Grant. Robbing a bank, getting addicted to drugs, making a sex tape with a RealDoll? None of those was so tough for Forrest that anyone working on the production feared that he might not actually complete the assignment. Eating fifteen pancakes? This might actually end the show. Look at this face.

GIF: Previously.TV

GIF: Previously.TV

But! He does it. He pukes in the parking lot, but he does it. Then a viewer asks Forrest to report on what it's like to get divorced, and though he tries to get out of this one on a technicality of some sort, Grant stands firm, and Forrest is telling his wife he doesn't love her anymore, destroying their family, and sleeping (barely) on a couple of office chairs because his intern has already claimed Forrest's office and is squatting on his couch at night -- and worst of all, Forrest's fake divorce request has led his wife to the realization that she hasn't been happy for years! Forrest not only isn't going to shake this one off, but he can't even manage to rate it.


But Forrest still has one more assignment to complete in this episode. Maybe it'll be something happy! What's it like to be a mattress tester? What's it like to try chocolate fondue for the first time? What's it like to reconcile with your estranged wife?


And THAT is the moment when I fell off the couch. And stayed there, on the ground, helplessly laughing right through the kicker.

"I simply understood, from the darkest corner of my soul, that these pancakes couldn't kill me, because I was already dead."
- Forrest MacNeil -
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