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Why Is It Impossible To Keep Anything On Quantico Straight?

The midseason return of Alex and Co. leaves us with some not-so-burning questions.

Our favorite New Agent Trainees are back, and that means that the mysterious terrorist who walks amongst them is too! But since the show seems determined to keep expanding their Most Wanted list beyond the original class, it's impossible at this point to really make any educated guesses about the identity of the Big Bad. Let's just catch up on the basics instead.

...What's happening?

Glad you asked, and the show is too; they have a whole new opening dedicated to catching everyone up on the latest! Have you heard? A bomb went off in Grand Central, and a bunch of people were killed. Everyone thought new FBI agent Alex was the terrorist, but it's totally not her! And it's apparently not her friend Simon, either. Alex and her ragtag team of friends/potential enemies found him strapped to a chair in a hotel room with a detonator taped to his hand. Simon claimed to have been kidnapped by Elias, but then Elias claimed to have been blackmailed and jumped out of a window (yes, literally!). But then Alex did a dumb thing and told Simon he could let go of the detonator. Surprise: a second bomb went off in FBI field headquarters and thirty-two agents died. So now we're catching up on the fallout from that, three months later.

But wait, there's more?!

Yup. We/the FBI still have to figure out who kidnapped Charlie, Assistant Director Miranda's son. This is a flashback problem, though. TBD on whether it will dovetail into the main plot, or if it's just one big distraction...but it's probably just one big distraction.

Ugh, again with the complicated red herrings in the flashbacks?

Yup again, and there's even more! Shelby's non-sister's husband reaches out to Shelby and Caleb for their help, claiming that the non-sister was kidnapped by the people she was working with to extort Shelby. Raina may or may not have really gone home like she said during the winter break, but definitely bonds with Charlie and e-meets his kidnappers upon her return to Quantico. Oh, and Miranda runs another dumb exercise, which results in her merging the upper NAT class with our dear idiots. And two of those NATS are definitely gunning to make life complicated Alex and Shelby, for seemingly no good reason. Actually, there probably isn't even a reason, and it's probably just been done to add to the suspect list.

Okay, but all of those are flashback problems. What's the current problem?

Alex. She doesn't agree with the FBI's finding that Elias acted alone, so now there are Congressional hearings on the matter, because Congress is completely interested in what a stubborn, formerly-accused terrorist has to say. The hearings also mean that Alex is making a major enemy of vice presidential candidate Marcia Cross, who just wants to milk the fact that her husband, Clayton Haas, was killed in the second blast, without having to be constantly reminded that the subsequent investigation also revealed his affair with Shelby. Shelby's on board with Alex getting over herself, too, as are Nathalie and Booth; the latter two even attempt to convince Alex to give up on her justice quest so that she can return to active duty. (Shelby prefers just to snark at her in the halls between hearing sessions.) In the meantime, Alex is living in Williamsburg, in an apartment that looks suspiciously roomy for someone on a government salary. But she does have this Ikea cart, which I highly recommend (I use mine in my bathroom).

Does anyone believe Alex's theory?

Maybe Miranda? It's unclear from their side conversation in the hallway, but it's entirely possible that the two of them are running some sort of long op. Alex alludes to Miranda being "right about Charlie," and Miranda was the original person to spring Alex from FBI custody...maybe that's an actual link that might actually add up to something.

Is Alex really testifying before Congress in a plaid flannel, with frizzy hair?

Yup, yup she is. Well, technically, it's just a congressional panel, not actually Congress, but you get the idea. She also winds up perjuring herself too, because Booth kinda sorta asked her to, reading a statement on her second day of testimony that says she's ready to accept the FBI's theory about Elias.

But is there even any actual evidence to support Alex's belief that a terrorist is still out there?

Nothing that's admissible. But there's Duncan's suicide -- he's that hacktivist who previously helped Alex and Booth -- and the scrambled calls to Alex from the self-proclaimed terrorist directing her to a specific location where she finds Nathalie wearing a suicide vest, looking hella scared. So she's probably right that someone else is the actual mastermind.

Okay, so if special snowflake Alex has been right all along, who is the real terrorist?

No clue! But the most likely suspects still include the ever-shady Liam O'Connor (his obsession with Alex matches the obsession of the scrambled caller's) and Marcia Cross, because of those eyebrows.

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