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Quantico Blows Someone Up. Again.

Has anyone enjoyed watching Liam burn this all to the ground? And other not-so-pressing questions.

Let's cut to the chase: Drew's innocent, because of course he is (he's too much of a wet blanket not to be). Liam's the terrorist, also because of course he is, he's been slow-burn terrorizing Alex since the first episode. And there are two bombs, because this is Quantico, and the show might as well be called "Blowouts: Bombs And Good Hair In New York."

Liam's the terrorist? Doesn't that seem a bit too tidy?

All I'm saying is: this is a Joshua Safran show. He's the dude who decided that Dan was Gossip Girl (despite clear evidence to the contrary!), so having him settle on Liam -- a perfectly logical choice, with a clear axe to grind against a lot of the NATs -- seems a bit too on the nose. It's neat. And this is from a producer who has a track record of tacking perfectly fine shows and running them straight off the rails (hello, Smash). So it's a bit far-fetched that his own show has a perfectly sane conclusion; there just seems like a missing twist is just around the corner. Maybe it's nothing, maybe it's Lisa Loeb in a surprise relationship, or maybe it's a super crazy reveal. But this isn't over yet, kids.

Who the hell is in charge of the FBI?

Was a new director ever announced? Why does it still seem like Miranda, Liam, and Ryan are still in charge of the field office? Enough time has passed since the second bombing, and there should be some new faces in the present timeline by now. What's the hold-up?

Iris is the best now?

Maybe not, but calling Caleb "the dark prince" definitely endeared her character to me, even if she is otherwise worthless. Where is she in the present, anyway?

Does Shelby kill her parents in between the flashbacks and the present timeline?

Past Shelby seems pretty hell bent on getting her revenge/bringing her war criminal parents to justice, and present Shelby seems a-okay with the fact that they apparently die in an "accident" in Africa, which raises the question: did she and Clayton set them up? Did she honeypot Caleb's dad? Did he leverage their affair to convince her to cross a line? Is it even possible to kill Lily van der Woodsen? Or to have both Lily and Marcia Cross on the same show and not write a scene for them that's a subtle evil eyebrow-off? Is this what Season 2 is going to be all about? If yes, sign me up. If no, why the hell not?

How does Marcia Cross have so much power and time on her hands concurrently?

I get that going from rockstar FBI agent to superstar senator to presumptive vice president gives a person a lot of leverage, but why is everyone so cool with Claire running the show all the time? If she's a senator, she shouldn't have time to walk NATs through her old FBI cases every other week, or the power to magically grant Iris her security clearance. And if she's the vice presidential nominee, she shouldn't be holding press conferences to suspend a campaign that's technically not really hers, to assist the FBI on a matter she technically has no jurisdiction over. Imagine how pissed you'd be if you were her running mate? Or more to the point: doesn't homegirl ever need to sleep? What concealer is she using? Why haven't any news pundits or actual FBI agents called her on this?

Why is Alex such a wide-eyed idiot?

This question applies to all the times, but specifically the time when she just found out that Liam and her dad basically caused a terrorist attack because some shady senior agents wanted them to, yet she still thought that she and Ryan could escape the systematic shadiness inherent in the FBI. Did Drew not teach her anything? It's all corrupt! Right down to the fact that her huge almond eyes and Shelby's doe eyes were probably eye factors in their own admittance to Quantico; they'll be used later on to make it that much easier to interrogate people/make the viewing audience feel less adequate. That's just how the FBI/Hollywood work.

Seriously, another bomb?

They're beginning to become passé. Would it kill the writers to come up with a few more original ways to off these NATs, like poison or maybe being pushed in front of a subway car? Unless it's all supposed to be meta, because Liam himself is a stereotypically boring terrorist himself?

...I'm giving the show too much credit again, aren't I?


So we're just never going to find out what happened to Charlie?

You know what? I'm kind of cool with that; unless they want to do a whole flashback series to show how super-cool Miranda ended up with a literal terrorist as a son, I'd much rather concentrate on her outfits and general badassness instead. There's already so much going on in each episode that adding in weepy Miranda just slows everything down. Sorry, Charlie.

Miranda's still going to find a way to get the drop on Liam though, right?

She always does, so…yeah, even though he has a literal nuclear bomb in his back pocket, things don't look that good for him.

But what about that nuclear bomb?

Didn't Simon tell Alex the bomb was a fake? But then all of a sudden it's real once it gets to HQ and goes missing? And Miranda left before the bomb came in, so why does everyone freak out about her knowing its location? And why is everyone so comfortable with a nuclear bomb being carried in a canvas duffle bag anyway?

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