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Now We're Getting Somewhere

As the FBI closes in on Alex, we get some answers about 'truth, justice, and all that superman crap.'

Midterms, amirite? You always know they're coming, yet they somehow manage to sneak up on you anyways, just like the maybe-terrorist in your NAT class. At least in the future you'll be able to use your handy-dandy pair of heat-sensing binoculars to keep an eye out.

Alex and Simon close in on the twins after Miranda gives up their top-secret phone number and reveals that she's no longer in charge of their op (exactly what she's still in charge of is unclear). But just when they think they finally have them cornered, it turns out they're only half right; Raina is in the apartment they bust into, but Nimah is still across the street, undercover in the middle of a terrorist cell that (conveniently?) has been planning to bomb a major landmark. Flash back time!

As it turns out, the agents of the future were first told about the twins as a reward of sorts for passing Miranda's fairly messed up mid-term (seriously, fake bombs are never cool). Not rewarded? Elias, who chooses to flee instead of potentially being blown up with his classmates/besties. But Agent Abtastic, who's already dealing with the start of some serious father/girlfriend problems, gets promoted back to NAT status for sticking around/plot purposes.

Since it feels like we're getting closer to finding the terrorist(s) amongst us, let's break down and Rankle the (un)usual suspects:

  1. Nathalie Vazquez and Caleb Haas

    Neither of these two seem like the joiner types, and they're notably not Team Alex (yet; Nathalie is clearly Team Booth), putting them into the Least Likely To Have Done It category. Both are hyper-focused on their work, and, while Caleb definitely has some personal issues that could result in serious anger, neither has an actual motive to commit domestic terrorism (yet, again, anyway). Their being outside of the core group works in their favor, since they can appear to be antagonists without actually being neither that smart or that interesting.

  2. Alex Parrish, Ryan Booth, and Shelby Wyatt

    Team Alex is obviously innocent (save for Shelby, who has some Oedipus things to work out), but they're also clearly too involved at this point to be completely in the clear; Alex was obviously close to the bomber(s), so who's to say that there's not something else they're all hiding? At this point, anything's possible, and there are still the small matters of Booth being shot when visiting Alex's apartment (because wouldn't that be an excellent alibi?), Alex's missing year in Pakistan, and Shelby's company having made the left behind wire.

  3. Brandon Fletcher

    Sorry not sorry in thinking there's something else behind Mr. America. We know too little about him, except that he has terrible taste in showermates. Why haven't we seen him in the future? And why is he ruining his face with that goatee?

  4. Liam O'Connor and Clayton Haas

    After learning Booth's side of the Chicago story, it's especially hard not to think that these two are behind everything, except that maybe they're not that smart? Alex has enough information to successfully blackmail O'Connor into reinstating Booth's rank, but it must be clean enough for her not to immediately suspect his involvement in the bombing ('cause that would definitely be something to share with her friends in The Unknown, right?). But maybe they're trying to kill two birds with one stone by hiding their inability to control Miranda's plotting, while also pinning the crime on the one NAT who has dirt on them?

  5. Nimah/Raina Amin, Miranda Shaw, and Simon Asher

    It's absolutely safe to say that Nimah and Raina are definitely involved with terrorists, but are they really undercover? My gut reaction is yes, but that's not to completely absolve either of them from culpability. How well were they trained? Could they have prevented the bombing? Or are their terrorist friends really just so dumb that they blow their own cover when the FBI comes knocking next door? Miranda claims not to be in charge of their op any longer, but what's the cause of her removal? And what about those plans Simon mentions at Quantico after he first learns of their assignment? With more questions than answers, something's definitely wonky with this situation.

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