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Miranda Quantican't With Quantico's Plotting

Examining her sub-operations, wardrobe, and other questionables.

Do we think that Miranda's turned terrorist? Her boss-lady suit says yes, but everything else we know about her says no. And yet: she keeps trying to bury Shelby's report on Alex and Ryan's undercover operation. Why? And how much must it suck to be thwarted by an overachiever who keeps hard copies in her personal safe?

How do we feel about Alex's cropped, pleated pants?

After three episodes of her running around and fighting terrorism, I'm nearly sold on them, despite the fact that they're a style I would more typically associate with a Law & Order: SVU intern. The cropping is easy enough to pull off, but the pleats have a trick to them that can be hard to master (and iron), yet Alex seems to have no issue with either unwelcome silhouette lines or wrinkles. Maybe it's time to try a pair? They certainly seem more manageable than her hair, so I'll keep you all posted.

How are Alex and Ryan both so bad at their jobs?

Aside from the disappearing together at all hours and the pathetic way they each deny having a relationship with the other, they still see fit to openly talk about their plans to plant a bug and divide and conquer the interrogation of their classmates in a crowd of said classmates. While it's one thing to hide in plain sight, it's another to hide in the same ear range; there's no way that someone -- ahem, Harry -- doesn't notice. Wouldn't it be easier to have their cover story be that they were totally a couple? Why does this show keep messing up these details? It's not like the whole drama of them inevitably breaking up will be any less distressing(ly annoying) because they were forced to pretend to be apart while still seeing each other literally almost every minute of every day.

Is Miranda still running her op?

Sure, we learn from Shelby that Miranda pulled the plug on her operation with Alex and Booth about six months before the current hostage crisis, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Miranda herself ended her own investigation, does it? What if the "terrorist" she was communicating with was just another undercover agent? What if it was Lydia? Of course, that theory ignores the smoldering-innocent thing Blair Underwood has going on, and the fact that Miranda's shoulder-padded maxi-dress suit screams "evil mastermind," but it's still far too early in the season for this twist to have been revealed unless there's a major follow-up planned.

What does Harry want with Will?

Hasn't the poor dude been through enough, what with his radiation poisoning and off-screen CIA hostage situation last year? Do we honestly think that Harry is hitting on him? My guess is no, and the giveaway is in the glasses; I think it would have been in some file that Caleb used to wear a pair as part of his disguise and Harry adapted the same MO in order to subconsciously create a connection. But also: can we get Caleb back now? He's probably a hoot when being held hostage.

Can we get some better lighting?

Who is it that Alex unmasks and kills in the darkened hallway? For a split second it looks like it could be Hannah, but it's more likely that unnamed teacher from the Farm. Maybe she'll get a line or two in the next few episodes so we can retroactively care?

Aren't we all suckers for a cute guy with a sob story?

We feel you on this, Alex (but also question why you think that Leon is cuter and less bug-worthy than Harry).

Wait -- is that thing about speech patterns an actual good tip?

Who knew this show was capable! The way Lydia puts together daddy Blair's deceit by matching his phrasing back to that of her Langley-assigned fling is smart work, and the fact that it actually propels the plot forward is a nice bit of nuance ("nuance" being used loosely here). Between Lydia's impressive background and Owen's decidedly Farm-centric career, the friction between the two is nice to acknowledge, even if it is contrived. If we can get it out of the way early on, we can dig deeper into Owen's past, which is obviously where we're going anyway; at least we have a little bit of an outline to his character to help inform our opinions of his character in the meantime, and at least that little bit isn't that he used to sleep with Miranda (…yet).

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