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Interrogating Alex

Caleb jumps over to Team Alex, Liam jumps down a bottle, and Booth gets beat up again.

Previously on Quantico: Grand Central was blown up! Everyone in the FBI thinks Alex did it! But then a different agent converts to #TeamAlex each week! There are more details, but if you made it this far you know they're recapped at the start of each episode! Basically, what I'm trying to say is: nothing else matters because Anne Heche is here now, and she's giving the plot the proper kick in the pants that it really needs.

Don't believe me? Let's review:

In the past, O'Connor goes on a bender after Miranda's stabbing and Alex pulls him out of it. In the future, we're given a new antagonist in the form of the High-Value Interrogation Group (HIG)…because O'Connor and Nathalie are really going to need someone/thing else to distract them from hunting for the real terrorist since they've officially joined #TeamAlex! Even more surprising than Nathalie being nice is O'Connor doing something helpful and leading a raid to stop HIG's interrogation of Alex/torture of Ryan!

Also in the past, Elias was obnoxiously anti-Simon, then pro-Simon, then flushed out of Quantico. Now, in the future, he's Alex's attorney (and hopefully back to being anti-Simon?)!

It's growing less and less likely that any of our dear NATS are involved in the bombing, but since that's the premise, here's the Rankling of the suspects:

  1. Caleb Haas, Nathalie Vazquez, Liam O'Connor, and Nimah/Raina Amin

    The new #TeamAlex really steps up to the plate, using city surveillance cameras to discover a blind spot in Alex's movements the day of the bombing, along with evidence that points to a third party's responsibility. It's straightforward, responsible, and selfless work, which, given the personal issues everyone has with Alex (except maybe Caleb?), is impressive. Even the big reveals of the week -- that Liam's a drunk and that Nathalie misses her kid -- feel less important in the filler-dialogue sort of way. Liam really is too incompetent to have planned something this flawlessly elaborate, so it stands to reason that the kids he taught wouldn't be the brightest crayons in the box either. But at least they're loyal! The 10-year NAT reunion party is going to be a blast.

  2. Shelby Wyatt and Clayton Haas

    Based on the flashback, something was going on between these two before something (sex) was really going on between these too. But calling Shelby's sister's realness into question -- which is exactly what Clayton does when he tips off Caleb that Shelby's sister might not be real -- is just too over the top of for it to be anything other than a red herring/Clayton's attempt to mess with Caleb's head. Neither of these two did It, but they definitely do enough damage between the themselves to warrant a family trip to the shrink. Which, when you consider Clayton's sloppy attempt to destroy evidence (did he murder that agent?!), would be worth bugging.

  3. Miranda Shaw and Michael Shaw

    Miranda's only screen time this episode comes courtesy of her hospital bed, but that still doesn't mean it's not potentially important. Remember who we thought that maybe Michael didn't shoot her? Yeah, well, she's pretty sure that he did, even though the cops remain skeptical since the evidence points to his being kidnapped. The whole storyline is chunky and time-consuming, but maybe it will have a payoff before the winter finale? There's just way too much investment going on for it to end up just being a subplot about Miranda's parenting skills. No normal person has a home life quite that crazy.

  4. Simon Asher

    Oh, Simon. When will you learn not to bring classwork home with you? Anne Heche (character name: Dr. Susan Langdon) wasn't kidding when she said that you need to learn how to compartmentalize. I get that Miranda's messed with your head long enough for you to immediately deduce the possibility of the lesson having an extra twist, but that doesn't mean that you pay for a famous profiler's burger in order to subtly accuse her of murder. And then to become so frustrated that you tip off the press about how she covered up the crime by staging a serial killer to take the fall? Not cool. And double not cool for being upset that your NAT friends are upset with you, and calling your bombmaker friend to hang out/plot terrorism with instead.

    (It really seems like he did It, doesn't it? I'm still willing to bet that he didn't, though.)

  5. Brandon Fletcher
    It's just weird that we haven't seen him in the future yet.
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