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Does Quantico Care About Consequences?

Assessing the impact of the third bomb, and other burning questions.

Let's just say it: this third bomb isn't as shocking or impactful as the two that came before it. Sure, Nathalie is (probably) dead now, but she's definitely still alive in the flashbacks, so it's not like we'll have to miss her or anything, right?

Alex wears jeans to work?

She's flirted with causal wear before (remember that burgundy leather jacket and matching lipstick look she wore for her official Quantico entrance interview?), and she's been downright sloppy post-second bombing, but you would think the girl would step it up just a little bit for her first day back from suspension. Heck, even Nathalie -- who has a suicide bomb strapped to her chest -- out-dresses Alex, in a grey trench and citron yellow wrap top. But speaking of that whole situation...

Please say that actual FBI technology isn't so easy to hack?

Under orders from the terrorist, Alex and Nathalie break into a server room...using a fingerprint Booth's ex left on an iPhone screen? Sure, there's some fancy fingerprint dust on top too, but still, this has to be an extreme stretch of the truth, right? Because this hack is so easy even MacGruber could pull it off.

If the terrorist is now being described as "anyone who saw Alex on her first day at Quantico," can we stop with the flashbacks?

Obviously, we've moved on from her first day, so the progression in her training just moves us further away from anything useful.

Unless the writers don't actually know who the terrorist is, and they're going to shoehorn in a random character like the "Dan is Gossip Girl" reveal?

This wouldn't be the first time Josh Safran has written a concept series without a specific endgame in mind. We've yet to see Agent Jacob Artist (does his character name even matter?) in the present day, nor any of these new/older NATs, probable agents Will Owen and Iris Chang (though, I'm cool with that, they're both annoying to watch). Is it a coincidence that these characters were also introduced after the pilot? Yeah, probably -- but the retrofitting of the terrorist from someone in the OG NAT class to anyone on the Quantico base on Alex's first day suggests that it doesn't really matter. Whenever/however the show ends, the ultimate terrorist reveal is unlikely to break our hearts (meaning it won't be Caleb, even if he, Donald Trump, George W. Bush, and Madonna are all Dynamo personalities). Anyway, it's definitely Liam; he's the shadiest of all of them.

What's the deal with Owen's sock drawer?

Obviously it's another red herring (see above, re: everything that happens in flashbacks), but unlike Raina's random connection to Charlie or Shelby's non-sister, the red x marks he's making over the faces suggest that he has an actual, probably logical plan/method to whatever he's doing. Is it a target list of sorts for potential friends? He crosses out Nimah right after they work together, suggesting that it's not malicious, so maybe he's nothing more than a lonely genius. If that's the case, I hope he finds one to replace Iris with soon; she's far too grating to be any real fun.

Why does Iris give Shelby the information for her Croatian contact?

Is she just trying to drive a bigger wedge between Shelby and Caleb, or is she angling for a payday too? I hope it's the former; this subplot really has no purpose unless we get to see more of Caleb's abs.

That's the "shocking" death?

Aside from the fact that Nathalie's run the gamut from Alex's enemy to Alex's best friend, this whole episode highlighted her transition from random foil who popped up in episode two to overworked single mom, so yeah, it was pretty heavily foreshadowed, and that's not even factoring in the suicide bomb she had strapped to her chest for the whole episode, or the fact that she and Alex race to the terrorist's supposed hideout without any backup and/or plan. Besides, it's not exactly like this show makes us wait around for Chekhov's bomb to go off, so sorry, but this was a pretty easy pill to swallow.

Alex just runs away?!

Damn, that's cold.

How exactly does the terrorist expect Alex to return to work after her stunt at Booth's?

She literally begged to be checked into a psych ward and tried to jump out of a window, so wouldn't that qualify her for one of those involuntary Britney Spears holds? It's not like she can just walk into work tomorrow, nod politely at Booth, and pretend nothing happened. Will she be on the run again? Or hiding in the woods, only to run into Simon? (Thanks, preview!)

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