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Did Miranda Mastermind Quantico's Hostage Exchange?

And more questions about 'Kubark'!

Who is Eric Boyer? Why is he so important to Miranda's plot? And why are they even on the same side? Lord help me, if this season's overarching plot is Miranda siding with some Wikileaks-meets-KGB organization, I will be super-unhappy about it. This woman lost her son because he was recruited by terrorists online! Yet here she is, getting all buddy-buddy with Eric in the back of the FBI truck, reminiscing about their plot, with her putting the screws to him to finish what he started? What did he start, anyway? And since when is the President of the United States considered a low-value hostage? But that's just the beginning of my questions about this episode. Here are more!

Is it notable that Alex is wearing the same necklaces in both timelines?

Maybe, maybe not, but it's pretty curious that this is the first time Wardrobe is repeating an item.

How dumb are the recruits to fall for their stressers?

Owen literally told them that they were being tested on stress, yet none of them questioned their worst nightmares coming true in the same twenty-four-hour period? And these are supposed to be the best the agency has to offer? We're in poor shape, folks. Even Caleb would have been able to figure out the coincidence there, and he was technically fired halfway through Quantico training.

The agency covers PrEP now?

Pretty forward thinking considering the timeline it's mentioned in is a year old, but also pretty awesome. Not so awesome? The storyline about Sebastian's living in the closet that I assume is coming. Can't a guy just be super-religious but also super-interested in being a highly trained professional manipulator? Would it kill this show to play out a story about actual moral conflict about the actual daily actions of the FBI and CIA? A few networks execs might grumble about it to their doctors over their own stress tests, but it seems like a subtle line of questioning that this whole shebang could really benefit from, considering that all of these main characters are deeply disturbed in various ways.

Why is it always about an agent gone rogue?

Couldn't Owen be a secret infiltrator instead? This whole "I'm so evil because I was burned by my agency" thing is just a retread of Liam last season, and no one wants to go there again.

What is Boyer's real role?

For a dude who's had exceeding little screen time, he sure has been name-checked A LOT, and it seems like he and Miranda are still going to have some unfinished business even after the bullet he puts in his head. Who is this guy? Why did he seemingly go back on whatever deal he made with the AIC? What did they want him to do that seems so terrible? And how did he get that awesome leather bomber jacket so soon after being released from prison? This guy clearly has outside support, so it's doubtful we've heard the last of him, even if he is technically dead now.

No one just picks up Swahili, okay?

Sorry, Alex. Not buying it.

So, if Owen a bad guy, and Miranda's a bad guy, does that make Lydia a bad guy for telling Raina to go through with the exchange?

She sort of has to be, right? After that shady phone call she places to Keys, it seems like she and Owen have come to some sort of understanding about their positions; do they two of them conspire to kick Alex out of the FBI and shut down the AIC operation early? Having the father-daughter duo on the same side would be awfully convenient, and we know some of those "hostages" are actually AIC terrorists; what if Lydia is one of them? Also -- can Harry not be one of them? I really, unabashedly love Harry. Anything else will probably be tolerable, as long as Harry is a good guy who survives the season. Preferably to run away and start a new life with Will.

Is Leigh just an annoying misdirect?

Because that's all she feels like. Twenty bucks says she was recording all of the other recruits and listening to their conversations while she slept as some sort of hyper sleep-memory exercise.

Why are these dorms always decorated by West Elm?

Asking because I want to make sure whatever part of my taxes that is gets refunded. Twin beds? But a standalone brick fireplace pillar in the kitchen? It's like a fantasy Pinterest board from a fifteen-year-old Nate Berkus. (Actually, that sounds fabulous. I'm mostly just jealous.)

Does the CIA have a gift shop?

It does! Pretty shady of Lydia to imply otherwise, no?

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