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Wedding Belles Are Wrangling

Another team challenge pairs up enemies to create unconventional wedding garb. Hashtag shut up Amanda, anyone?

Don't be fooled: the brief this week isn't really "make an unconventional wedding dress." Adding a "corresponding" dress for the reception and using that as an excuse to put the ten remaining designers in teams for the sake of creating conflict is the real "challenge" this time around.

Thanks to Korina's apropos-of-nothing announcement to Amanda that she's a big phony -- so unprompted that it's not even caught by the cameras; we only see the awkward aftermath, in which the two of them and roommate Char, who apparently concurred with Korina's assessment (because how could you not, because: Amanda), stare into the corners of their bedroom -- conflict is exactly what we get when Korina and Amanda end up on a team together. And when Sean fails to credit Kini for crafting a key part of the look that scores him his second straight win. And when Sandhya's design collides with traditional conceptions of "flattering" and "finished."

In the end, Char goes home on a hideously sewn "Tweety Bird" dress, and we don't get to see as much of her decision-making and execution problems as we should, because the ep devoted so much time to the designers pretending Dita Von Teese is legit famous and to Amanda venting to Fäde about big meanie Korina.

But who's charmingly retro and who's outdated?

Chiara Ferragni

Can we please have more of her-uh, with the little "-uh" that comes at the end of her lightly accented words-uh? In addition to the musical way of speaking, she brings an interesting focus on how garments would look in an editorial layout, and speaks about practical issues ("too transparent-uh") without getting mean or trying to score points (she notes that Emily's dress is great for photos, but in real life "it's hard to make it work-uh").


Love the cut, which is cute but not cutesy, though the color verges on navy too much for me and seems a little office under the lights. Should have won.


It's not the most innovative cut, and the color story is too daytime, but I like it, and the cut is flawless and very flattering.


She probably falls victim to the judges' need for a punchline, and once one of them sank his/her teeth into "corpse bride," that's it for thoughtful appraisal. The skirt is not quite long enough, but I love it; put a pocket in it and I will wear it today.


The fitted cummerbund pant with the flowing kimonoish top is a perfect combination, but shares the problem of reading navy with Kini's, and for him not to acknowledge that Kini made the top is poor form, especially when he notches a win and immunity. (We may not have seen the last of that issue, according to the previews.)


I liked it more than the judges did, but it does have major fit and finish problems. If she'd gone with a slightly less combative color for the bodice and gotten the whole thing down to a more flattering silhouette, it could have won, but that's a lot of "if."


The enemy of Amanda is my friend, for now, but she gets suuuuper-lucky; the finished jacket is frumpy and still looks like a sailor top, and the pant forces her model to walk like she's holding in a burrito poo. I don't understand the necklace she picked at all.


A little too short; the red is a little too cheap in tone; it's Delia's clearance.


He's almost onto something the way the line of appliqué comes up the model's shoulders and neck, but the back gives her a flower-diaper thing. The color combination is kinda porny.


We did see a good deal of her rush to finish, but the focus with that footage is on the rushing, not on what she's actually doing, and when you see it during the close-up judging, it's almost incomprehensible. The front left-hand side of the skirt looks like it got sewn to itself accidentally, and the back, oo-fah. So sad. I thought she'd go the distance, too.

Dita Von Teese

Why is her tired act even here? And with that bitchy tone? She stares at every look like she's personally offended by it. Go back to the Bunny Club if this is such a hassle, Heather.


Insufferable as usual, the judges' pet kicks things off by crying in a talking-head interview, then thinks that "I'm married, and we had kind of a rock-and-roll wedding" makes her extra-qualified for this challenge. Based on the interstitial photo the show paired with that comment, the nuptials looked like standard-issue Brooklyn-backyard Edison-bulbs-and-kale-quiche fare to me. And I had that stuff myself, but let's not act like skipping the chignon and the garter toss makes you James Watson. …God, I can't stand her, and when Korina is told by Tim Gunn that she's not innovative enough with her tuxedo jacket, Amanda couldn't look happier and she's just so slappable. The variation on fringe she sends down this time is fine, but the hem is raw and the dress needs better seaming.


She's right about Alexander's dress going '80s in a bad way, but she can't just leave it at that; she has to make-fetch-happen, "Hashtag throwback Thursday." Everyone looks embarrassed for her. She's less of a rag than usual, but doesn't understand what yin/yang actually means.

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