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The Bitch Is Back

Korina's better than everyone, and one designer gets zip/Gunned, in a real-woman challenge that doesn't look all that real to Sarah D. Bunting.

I'd love to see a making-of web extra on the model-selection process in "Muse On The Street." The production pre-screened the folks in the park, right? Because all the models the designers "chose" had suspiciously average/slender bodies and no fear of showing midriff or back, and you had a high proportion of chic, fashion-forward Europeans? And because Sean could apparently afford to reject that one lady as too short for his purposes?

I don't necessarily have a problem with that, but just admit it; make the process transparent. It's the "real woman" challenge, and it's hard to take seriously if the "realness" was curated beforehand.

Then again, it's hard to take a lot of things in the episode seriously, starting with Tim Gunn, who once again has an impressively-sized litter of kittens over a look that certainly isn't great, but isn't in the same zip code as Emilio's pink-string-and-washers miscarriage; and once again fluffs the production's fairness when he puts the other designers in the awkward position of signing off on giving Char extra time to do a new zipper.

And Nina's second straight week of on-point likability almost gets drowned out by the roar of Korina's snotty-bitch engine shifting into overdrive. The hell, seriously -- she's not my favorite, but she'd toned the C waaaaay down by like the third week, and now all of a sudden she's Queen Shit Of Smug Mountain again.

Weird hour, sad ending (Alexander gets punted, and it's time, but nobody can feel good about it when his bottom-two-mate is Char). Who gave a great makeover, and who underwhelmed?


He gave me a scare with that first white-pillowcase look, but the runway outfit is fab. I'd never wear it, because I don't care how many Lucky features it gets, two denims together is not for Buntsy, but I'd wear the hell out of the jacket, which gives his muse a teeny waist and accentuates her awesome boobs. It's proportioned perfectly, and pockety; he should have tied for the win again.


Marisa's accessories

Love the lime-green bib necklace; love the headband.


I love it; it put me in mind of Sebelia's yellow plaid couture gown -- in a good way, that mix of the fancy cut and the everyday print. The fabric could look luxer, but it's fun, wearable enough, flattering colors, and definitely something you could put in the window to lure me in for a try-on.


Thumbs up for taking a minute to assure the muses that nothing critical the judges say is about them and not to take anything personally. Warm and precise about Emily's, and Alexander's too even though she didn't like the latter.


Mmmmm hmm. Speaking of side-eyes!


Just call her Pete Best, because Miss E has no use for aaaaanyone: Char "doesn't know how to do anything else" besides peplums and Korina doesn't know "if she should even be here"; Kini's denim dress is only good for "going to the rodeo"; the smirking during Alexander's rough critique. She's such a cow in the workroom that I'd love nothing better than to bust on her look, but it's great. The color and the pattern mix on the jacket, including the front lining, is gorge, and I love that pleating on the bottom of the dress. Bring the hem down like an inch and I'd knock you down for the whole outfit. Still: be less shitty, Bill Withers.


The dress is an overworked mess that went through one too many edits, and while the A-line shape is better in theory, she should have stayed with the skater skirt, since it's fighting to get out anyway. It needs a belt as well. And the leather vest is so mid-nineties!


It's a makeover challenge, and the model's got the body for it, but that weird front peplum is too high up in the second place, and it needed a print or some other contrasting thing to distract from the relentless coral of the fabric and the slapped-up design.


There's not much there there with this one, is there? I like the back and the fringing, but the fabric looks flammably cheap, and that neckline with the illusion top, ugh. So Brenda Walsh.


I admire his ability to work a pair of gladiator mandals, and I liked his fabric a lot, but he should have mostly ignored Drama Tim and reworked his initial idea, instead of sending out a lumpy-waisted, badly hemmed Hot Topic clearance look. He likely could have survived if the show were willing to admit its mistake with Char and booted her, but we saw last year and we keep seeing here that, once Tim Gunn Saved, a designer is probably good 'til the final four.


Nice try selling us on what a huge scandal it is that the show is starting ten minutes late, but I can't imagine the runway ever starts on time, so bring it down about eight notches…unless the issue is you want to take off that Krystle Carrington shmatte they have you wearing, in which case co-signed.

Tim Gunn

Alexander's did look homesewn and randomly shaped, but "this is one of the most hideous garments I have ever seen in my entire existence" with the horror-movie music? An older designer who's further along in his/her career might be able to listen to some of that and regroup, but to slam a 22-year-old that hard and offer no constructive direction instead leaves him no option but to start over and end up with a blobby afterthought, and it's screen-grubbing hyperbole besides. Then Tim doubles down on being a shite, unobjective "mentor" by making the designers choose whether Char can have extra time for her zipper when some of them have gotten ripped for bad zipper construction/not having one themselves. I get that Char's muse is not a professional model, but everyone else's muses managed not to break their garments…

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