Ten Seasons Of Sick Michael Kors Project Runway Burns In Five Minutes

'I mean HELLOOOO!'

What the hell? Once upon a time, in the land before time/Twitter, Michael Kors had the designer-judge seat on Project Runway. He held said seat for many years...too many, probably, as over time his snark began to feel strained and out of step (and his spray tan's blend was frequently set to an unfortunate "tangelo with teeth" hue that made him difficult to take seriously at certain orange times).

But most of the time he knew his shit and wasn't afraid to pitch an eye-roll, as you can see right here:

How'd you find this...whatever this is? The "project runway supercut" search string has treated me well.

Who cares? I wouldn't say I miss Kors, exactly, but it's interesting for the half-dozen of us still watching to contrast with his replacement, Zac Posen, whom I love but who occasionally falls into the same "the zinger's more important than its accuracy" trap Kors increasingly did; and with Le Miz, who plays this role on All-Stars and is, for my money, the best of the lot -- funny, sure, but also very concerned with nuance, and with speaking to the designers on a respect-for-craft level a la Harry Connick on Idol.


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