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Rain Dunce

A 'rainway' presentation + a Samsung product placement + a meaningless 'avant-garde' brief = an episode that's all wet.

Project Runway's "avant-garde" challenges get on my nads, and the quotation marks I've just used should tell you why -- and this is without the "rainway" the show can't stop patting itself on the back about, and the shoehorned-in sponsor-based aspect of the challenge on top of that. Why not just delete the avant-garde part entirely, since nobody involved -- not Tim, not the judges -- seems interested in insisting on its correct definition or helping the designers to get to it?

And why pair a rainway/waterproof-fabrics challenge with an electronics product?

In any case, Fäde is unable to rise above the blithe ran-dumb-ness of everything taken together, goes to literal, and is sent home, while Sandhya's just-as-literal TV-test-pattern color story is safe because it's buried under a pinwheel-factory crime scene.

Who's freshly scrubbed and who's all wet?


That this finished in the middle is sad to me. I suppose it's a bit tenty, but the purple flowers, the gradation of the colors, is so springtime and lovely.


The dye-seam trick worked, so good for him, though he should have chosen different colors -- and there's no discussion of the fact that it's stunt-y, so what if it hadn't come off? On the other hand, my esteemed colleague Mark Blankenship points out that "it can only exist one time"; successful or not, "[i]t turns the dress into a temporal event, which is VERY exciting." I hadn't thought of it that way, and it seems way neater now.


I thought I would like it more based on what I saw in the workroom, but the Mary Poppinstron 4400 isn't that far off of Emily's in terms of looking comic-book-costumey. Zac's right about the hat, too, plus that balaclondom in the back is not cute. Very striking, and it's nice that he gets a win, but it's not that great.


I liked the idea a lot; the proportions needed some tweaking. Like a lot of her designs, you can see something rad in there, but it's a couple of drafts away. This one's closer, but the spill of ruffles needed narrowing and lengthening, and I didn't care for the hat.


Too literal, didn't engage with the rain part…I like him, but it's not as though this is a down week for him, really. It's the same simple silhouette he always uses, and while it's flattering and cut fairly well, it didn't look like two days' work. Or like much of anything, really. He just gave up on it.


Major improvement. Her comment to Sandhya is perhaps too gentle, but the word "childlike" is a perfect assessment of Sandhya's taste issues. Ditto "gimmicky" regarding Fäde's.


Too much of the same idea, with no twists on it. I came down on Heidi's side of it, that it's not that bad, but if she'd just changed a couple elements, like not going with that metallic legging or ditching the gloves, it might have seemed less cosplay.


My one and only note: "Ballast coat tree." The idea's fine, if you can call it an "idea" when it's nothing new from her.


At least she tried to course-correct, but she's lucky she had a Thunderbird-legend story (and immunity) to fall back on, because it looks like a trucker-flap science fair.

Tim Gunn

"It was the best runway" in show history? Come on, Blanche.


I don't understand the outer layer at all. The garment is in response to a different challenge brief entirely, specifically one based on the cans and shit you tie to a bride and groom's getaway car. It has things I like IN it, but all together, it's way too much, and the length of the jumpsuit leg is all wrong. It's definitely hers, but…it's definitely hers.

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