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Korina Hates Everyone And Everyone Hates Her

And: one of the final five gets run over, but by a Lexus, so it's okay.

Oh, Korina! One of the things I love about Project Runway is that it's not a complete season without at least one big, entitled crybaby who simply cannot accept that he or she is not walking the runway at Fashion Week holding a bouquet of flowers and wearing a little crown while doing a pageant queen wave to Anna Wintour's second assistant. That Southwestern dog bed cape was magic, judges, magic! Are you blind to Korina's genius?

Everyone brightens right up after Korina is kicked to the curb, which of course means she'll be back in a hot minute to assist one of the final five. Don't you love how no one on the show seems to know what the formula is even though it plays out the same way pretty much every season? Anyway, that Korina is paired with the (in her mind) unspeakably unskilled Char is just salt on a snail. Korina gets weepy, Korina gets pouty, Korina walks out. Bye, Korina! Kisses! If you remember, throw something at one of the camera guys so that your last episode gets put in heavy repeat rotation, because it is so diva in the worst way! I see gifs!

So, the final five are given two glorious days to work on a street-chic outfit (which is sponsored by Lexus in one of the most awkward promotional challenges ever – go soak up the vibrancy of the streets of New York! As you're driving by, looking out the window of a Lexus like a frightened rich person!).

Our designers apparently forget (again) that there is no such thing as a straightforward challenge on this show. They have to rework the God-awful loser dresses from earlier in the season, which on the one hand is a nice effort at recycling but on the other is kind of throwing good fabric after bad. In some cases, really really bad.

Who has a smooth ride into Fashion Week and who (figuratively) crashes their new-model Lexus?


I kind of love her tentlike maxi-maxi dress, in that it's just the thing to go shoplifting in. Seriously, you could get a large-screen TV and a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes in there without smooshing the icing or anything. Or, if you are a model, you could eat.

The re-do is sort of slutty leather rocker chick by way of Nike. Not bad, but nothing to write home about. Or wear. Unless you bartend at TGIFridays.


I know the fabric with the big, cool face on it was tempting, but this is such a cheat, and the judges are so not cool with phoning it in at this stage of the competition. The weird thing is, she's all about her big, floppy, blankie-hoodie, but you barely notice it what with the gigantic alien face staring at you. That being said, I do kind of like the outfit. It just didn't need its own blankie.

As for her makeover, Coldwater Creek is calling and wants to find out if Emily would like to buy some mom jeans with this. That being said, were these two outfits bad enough to go home? Apparently the judges thought so, but I was surprised. Char is skating by on fumes and wacky prints, and I don't get it. But hey, she's going to Fashion Week, so there.


I'm amazed that Sean salvaged this crisp, '60s sci-fi movie spaceship uniform (which I say with love) from the hospital green blah-fit he was making before Tim Gunn shut him down. Nice.

And then there's his do-over. Is Wet Seal still around? They could totally stock Sean's look, but maybe just in their South Dakota stores. The Pepto-flamingo pink was unavoidable, but Sean is totally responsible for that horrible fringe. And the midriff-baring jacket. And the shorts. Okay, the shorts were the least of it, but they were still blick.


Sorta pissed that she's through to the next round with an upside-down prom dress puking itself into a skirt. Even after Tim Gunn points out that the pocket is a hot mess, Char stands by it like an ugly child you love because you have no choice. The droopy top in the brain-exploding print doesn't help matters. This is, to my mind, far more egregious than anything Emily did this week.

The do-over is a simple shift, so why can't she make even this work?


I thought the white blouse was kind of grandma-floppy-boobsish, but I would have liked the skirt with something other than a leather trenchcoat. Just a whole hella lot going on here. His red dress, however? I die. Love, love.

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