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Char Thing

Char and Korina hug it out, Hernan chugs champers, and more from the Project Runway reunion.

Heidi Klum is too grand to co-host the reunions now, I suppose, but I liked them better when she did. She's not the kindest, sometimes, but at least you can hope for the occasional shred of real talk. Breaking it down ain't Tim's department, though, really, so nobody's going to point out that Korina maybe isn't as sorry about how she made Char or anyone else feel as she is about how bitchfacing made her look.


As we close out the often-unlucky thirteenth season of Project Runway, who's in tears and who's on a tear on the reunion show?


She's compassionate with Korina, but not afraid to rip into Sandhya for the disingenuous "nobody sat next to me" business. I like her a lot; I wish she'd gone to Fashion Week.


Best wishes in her recovery; the postscript in her letter asking to borrow some of Alexander's fan-favorite money is hilarious.


Good for him saying he thinks he should have won over Sean. I don't entirely agree, but of course he thinks that, and the dramatic music that tried to make it such a scandalous response is obnoxious.


She finally can't take it anymore and hugs Korina to bring an end to the contretemps, which is smart. She should have squashed it sooner, just because everyone's been in the champagne and why try to get nuanced with the issues, but generally speaking she's in a tough spot constantly with the Tim Gunn Save, The Zipper Incident, and just having to smile and say she's grateful and understands where everyone's at with their feelings over and over. Not easy, and she's very gracious about it.


Most improved award, for sure. Her handling of the Phonygate questioning is classy and firm but she doesn't off defensive; I know I couldn't deal with her shteez AT all in the beginning of the season but I don't really remember why now.


Concise about how she learned she had to toughen up. Eee-yep.


The determined chugging of champers while watching himself go down in flames is fun.


It's nice to see him again, but he's brought out specifically to talk shit about Amanda's A Phonygate, adds almost nothing (and how could he; we all saw the footage), and barely speaks again.


Doesn't get anything to do but make shocked faces, boo.


Looks like he's about to pee during the Char/Korina summit.


I think she's sincerely upset that Char won't accept her apology -- but at least in part because of how bad it makes her look. Admitting that she acted "like a lunatic" is a good start, and whoever's emailing her telling her to kill herself needs to cut that shit out because she's a bit arrogant, not a Madoff, so let's calm it way down. But something about the way she immediately starts crying about Char's "refusal" to accept her apology...I don't know. Seems a little calculated; seems like maybe Char knows what said apology is really about. Just my opinion.

Tim Gunn

What does he expect the others to say about the Tim Gunn Save? "Yes, you made a mistake"? "It's one thing to do it, but we don't get why the judges kept her around"? It's the same problem as when he gave Char extra time with the zipper; it just puts them in a shitty position where they can't really speak up and point out that his soft-heartedness for some is unfair to others.


Again with the crying and feeling excluded. When a viewer asks why she was so stubborn and Sandhya doesn't see why her "When is she talking about?" response is funny = why people don't care for her.

Amanda gets to use $5,000 from Aldo very wisely

The PR equivalent of giving Rupert money for no reason on Survivor. I do love that hammered-eye ring/bracelet she's wearing; I don't mind that she got money; it's just so flagrant.

Nina's dumbest hits

She made such a comeback comments-wise in the last month, but we had to see "W.T.F." and "Super Vagina" again. Why, editors?

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