Project Runway All Stars Pits Vets Against Rookies (And Spring Against Fall) In The Season 6 Premiere

Which crew kills with its collection? Your editors discuss!

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Hello, I'm West Coast Editor Tara Ariano.
Hello, I'm East Coast Editor Sarah D. Bunting.

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Right on the (stiletto) heels of the last regular season of Project Runway, All Stars is stomping back onto our TVs, less than a year after its last finale back in May, and between that and the Rookies vs. Vets premise...what do you think of the Challenge-ification of the franchise? Also: do you want to watch CT making a pair of palazzo pants?

Making, wearing, leaving on my bedroom floor...jk jk I would never cheat on my husband with a Challenge genie. (OR WOULD I?!) ...I'm pretty sure Alyssa Milano and her tres chic new hairstyle said that this is the last time they'll have to work in teams, and after the teams concept failed in a previous regular season, I'm assuming that's true and the show has learned its lesson there. That said, I didn't hate the skills-competition relay at the beginning; I just wish we'd seen more of it.

I guess I meant more the recycling of old contestants; some of these people are on their third go-rounds, HELEN AND AMANDA. Judging by the weather, I assume this was shot before or during Runway Season 16, meaning none of those contestants could return to be an All Star this time, but them doesn't that suggest they should push the season until they could include some fresher faces? Surely Lifetime could have pooped out another Little Women spinoff to air in the meantime.

I feel like Ken and Joshua have had 15 or so bites at the apple too, and I really don't need another vicarious try-hard hernia courtesy of Candice, but here we all are. I'm also not sure I need Anne Fulenwider's unrelenting bitchface in the mentor role, either. Like, sugar-free is fine, at times, but she's just nonstop "nah" to everything, or she was in the premiere. And not for nothing, but the EIC of a fashion rag should probably know how to walk in heels.

Yes! I miss Joanna Coles, though I guess I can't be mad at her if what's pulled her away is The Bold Type (WHICH I LOVE). Anyway, here's who I was most excited to see again: my beloved Kelly From The Deli (of the Boston From The Delis), who came in so hot with that vintage jumpsuit. It's really true that the only thing that could have improved it was roller skates. Failing that, Kelly could have at least had her model dance down the runway like it was the line on Soul Train.


I was happy to see her too! That jumpsuit read a little costume to me, but you can't beat the fit on the butt. Well, a model's butt, anyway.


And I wasn't seeing a lot of even half-decent looks to choose from in the second place...although I didn't agree with what the judges picked.

I agreed with them on Ari's as the top look for Team Spring: that dress moved gorgeously and screamed "spring" -- or, I guess, quietly purred it over its Bellini. Ari's another designer I was happy to see again (particularly since her fellow contestants are already scared of how good AND fast she is), and coming into this with the personal story of relaunching her brand as Ari rather than Andy is both inspiring for the viewer and catnip for a story editor.


Unfortunately, Ari was on the losing team, so she wasn't actually the winner; that was Merline, whose mildly interesting cage/floating sleeve was not quite good enough to overcome construction issues and an off-putting color choice.


Ken and I don't always share a vision when it comes to design, but when he talked about how tacky some of his teammates' fabric choices were, I think he meant hers, and if so, I definitely agree. That yellow looks good on: an egg yolk. End of list. Sorry, Kimberly, your shrousers did not impress me, and pairing them with a white blouse just made it look like your model was a nurse at the mustard hospital.


I liked the top! I just didn't want to keep looking at that design below the waist. Borrow some fringe from Fabio and Anthony, please, and cover up that zipports situation. And I had no problem with Casanova going home on that Vic-toe-ria's Secret look. I like him on my TV; I don't think he belongs in this kind of competition. If it were Project Beachway, he'd own it, but it isn't.


Casanova's look was an extremely bold mistake -- which, really, is the kind you should go out on, particularly if you have to be the one to go first -- but not the one I hated most. I personally ranked him above Edmond's baby shit gown with tampon box embellishment...


...and above Joshua's sugar baby starter kit. No kind of undergarment could one wear under that thing!


Thank you for making the baby-poo reference so I wouldn't have to. I didn't mind Joshua's as much, but I could be grading him on a curve based on his very sincere "That's excellent advice!" when Anne told him, "If you're gonna go disco, go disco." But I'm not seeing how Edmond's craft-circle Klingon...whatever is in the top, but Stanley's Tokyo-noir-looking thing gets ignored.


Yes! Stanley's look was so sharp and such a strong start to their show; his model had so much fun in it working the hat and all that volume in the skirt. He may have been lost in the shuffle with the one trillion contestants in the premiere (so many we hardly got any head-to-toe shots of the looks during the runway show), but he's one to watch and I would not have necessarily thought so at the top of the hour. Ditto Fabio, who you mentioned earlier: a final show that includes collections from him and Ari is something I would love to watch.


Oh, same. I didn't realize I'd missed Fabio until I saw him again. (I also didn't realize there...was a Melissa? She's a veteran, apparently, but I don't remember her from any previous appearances! I liked her look fine.)


And I think he can probably breathe easy for a few weeks while the usual cannon fodder gets cleared out. Any early picks for the season winner?

I think this could be Fabio's year. You?

Fabio and Ari have good odds, I'd say -- and I'm-a go ahead and pick Stanley as a longer shot.

Looks like the premiere's could swish him to victory for sure.


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