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Numbers Don't Lie

Sarah revisits her PRAS third-season predictions, and reviews the reunion.

With the reunion show, another season of Project Runway All-Stars comes to an end. A mixed bag, the third season, and though it definitely made a comeback, it got off to a really lame start and disappointed on many fronts, like Alyssa Milano's styling, Zanna Roberts Rassi's comparatively limp critiques, and my own horrendous predictions.

I promised I'd come back to my forecasts, and when I did that, I thought I'd return triumphant instead of upside-down wrong across the board. Sigh. Well, let's all laugh at me together, and also see who rocked and who sucked in the season's final episode, but FIRST! Alyssa looks GREAT! Sideswept, shorter, bouncy hair, a strapless lipstick-red dress, gorgeous makeup. See? She's pretty. This isn't hard.

The reunion itself isn't great -- a lot of self-regard in the "awesome" challenges this and the "let's check in on the prize we gave you" that vein, and several designers barely get the time of day. Here's who's doing what.

Mychael Knight

Picked: winner winner chicken dinner
Finished: 8th

Hate the beard, love the sweater, not happy that we barely heard from him.


Picked: 2nd
Finished: 5th

Oy with the plaid suit and the…rockabilly shower shoes? Brings Milano the dress of his she said she would wear, which is craftier than it is cute, but knows how to play the game and would really rock it as a guest judge in the future.


Picked: 3rd
Finished: 2nd

Stares dully at Seth Aaron's finale collection all, "Ugh, fine." Yeah, kind of. Gets very emotional about her history and putting it into her finale collection. Got pregnant the day she got home from the season, hee! We see her QVC dress in its manufactured form, and it looks great; I like listening to Korto talk about her designs, because she gets it bite-size without condescension. Most of the other designers think she should have won.

Ari South

Picked: 4th
Finished: dead last

Her weave is pro. Hilarious on the topic of her perspective as a designer and how she's more focused on bra-friendly design now that she's living as a woman.

The House Of Esquivel

Picked: 5th
Finished: 10th

Since we last saw him, he flipped his car. That's terrible! But he's fine now so we don't need to see the photos of his ruined vehicle! Ask about sewing! When they do, he's so sweet to Fleis about how much she taught him about working with leather.

Bradon Brandrick LLC

Picked: as a surprise addition to the season
Finished: n/a


Picked: 6th
Finished: 9th

Love the ironed hair; less fond of the snotty faces she's making at some of the footage. Doesn't get to talk, really, which is a shame, because she's a good explainer.


Picked: 7th
Finished: 3rd

Looks amazing in her sixties bun/bouffant, but leads off by saying she came into the season "prepared, like mentally," which HA HA HA what?! Adorable grey leather sci-fi blazer.


Picked: 8th
Finished: 4th

He's still kind of mad about Viktor not talking to him, but allows a "hug it out" order from Milano. Calls his confrontation with Nina his most embarrassing moment (yeeeeeeah, overruled). I never thought I'd miss his faux-hawk, but I kind of do.

Seth Aaron

Picked: 9th
Finished: winner winner chicken dinner

His hair is better, and yet still inappropriately Hot Topic. Sweetly supportive of Ari.


Picked: 10th
Finished: 7th

Sporting a Brooklyn-y burly beard and a dad cardi that suggest he was forcefully separated from a bong and a woodworking instructional YouTube video in order to attend, but is gracious about the work of others. Waxes philosophical about how you can stay friends while competing and talking shit about each other. Designed the costumes for Flowers in the Attic OH MY GOD brain oozing out ears right now. Laughs at himself during a montage of himself fucking up in the sewing room and acting a fool during judging, and says he got farther than he'd expected. Most improved award on an interpersonal basis, for sure.


Picked: last
Finished: 6th

Handles it well when she gets her own segment 1) focusing on the bridal gown that sent her home and 2) calling her mean (we also see that the model couldn't walk, like, at all) -- at first, then whines that she put more work in than anyone else. Always has to ruin it, that one.

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