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There's A New Girl In Town On Pretty Little Liars Who Could Be Perfectly Nice Or Entirely Evil

Everyone's so grown up, except for the lying and the hiding and the generally freaking out.

So, how do we continue this show without "A"? Easy! Double down! Now we have a whodunnit surrounding who killed "A," plus a new "A" who may be someone entirely different. Or the same. This is exhausting. No wonder Aria is buzzing around so much that Sabrina recommends weed as a downer. But hey, the Liars are all grown-up now, so they're handling all this drama exactly as they should! Just kidding: with some hemming and hawing about honesty and morals. They're mostly back to being lying Liars who lie, per usual.

Still, everyone is being awfully grown up about swapping boyfriends and girlfriends. No sobbing, no bloodshed -- just long pauses and side-eye. I guess you'd have to be pretty Zen about overlap, considering there are exactly fifteen people in this town from what I can tell.

Eric McCandless / Freeform

Eric McCandless / Freeform

Toby gets demerits for being weird about Spencer and Caleb. That is all.

Whoever is Not "A" -- or "A Plus" or "B" or whatever the hell (c'mon, we need something more official than a devil emoji) -- does seem to know every button to push, plus has a car and driver (wha?) and an annoying level of computer knowledge. Let's use our powers for good and not evil, "Not A," seriously. You could be working to cure cancer and make driverless cars for Alphabet, but no, you're wasting your time texting.

Just for kicks, let's count down the list of who could possibly be "Not A," from least likely to most.

  1. Alison
    Well, if anyone is capable and actually motivated to do this, it would be Alison. I don't think anyone else (that we currently know of) is too bent out of shape about Charlotte's death, and she is pretty suspicious of Aria. So, Alison being the new "A" would make sense. Which is why she probably isn't.
  2. Jordan
    He's rich, he's understanding, he's perfect. So of course he must have some awful hidden agenda, because no one on this show can have a happy relationship. Sorry, Hanna. Oh, and he can totally afford a car and driver.
  3. Sara
    Maybe she's doing all her hacking and programming with a chopstick between her teeth or that Stephen Hawking computer that reads eye movements. Also, she would be a good candidate for a car and driver, though where she'd get the bankroll I'm not sure.
  4. Mona
    We haven't seen much of her, but last time we saw her she was super-squirrelly. Can't rule her out, though I don't know why she'd want to seek vengeance on behalf of Charlotte.
  5. Sabrina
    She seems so nice, and she likes to seed every conversation with a little reference to having cancer and almost dying, which is a fun picker-upper. Maybe she's trying to teach the Liars to live in the moment, because life is short. Or she's another one of Alison's secret sisters. I get the impression that, as small as Rosewood seems, the population of Radley was upwards of 100,000 or so.
  6. Yvonne
    Where the hell did Yvonne come from? And why exactly did Toby fail to mention her to Spencer given that he was thisclose to popping the question? Anyway, she's utterly charming, so she's probably evil. (Man, this show is making me cynical!)
  7. Someone Completely Random
    Let's face it: the choices we have thus far are not so great. Given that Yvonne popped up with absolutely no foreshadowing, it would make just as much sense for a whole raft of other new, semi-shady characters to arrive with excellent computer skills and mysterious pasts. Like a temp pool of sociopaths.
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