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Pretty Little Liars Are Breaking Into Hotel Rooms And Pitching Fits

Emily is the only one who has an excuse for acting hormonal, and she's the sane one. But how do their latest escapades affect the 'Not A' rankings?

Are we sure this isn't high school anymore? Spencer and Aria are breaking into hotel rooms; Aria and Hanna are trashing Ashley's house in search of a hard drive that isn't there ("Hey, Mom? If the Raisin Bran tastes like my finger nails, super sorry!"); and Hanna tells her boss to shove it. Whoever "New A" or "Not A" or "Devil Face" (really, we need a formal nickname) is, he or she can rest assured the Liars are easy marks: they're too busy acting like a hormonal Scooby gang to be much of a threat. Why is Caleb the only one capable of being useful? I loved that moment when his hard drive fake-out ate "Not A"'s computer, but I'm assuming someone is going to die a horrible death for that. Hell, I want to kill someone when my computer takes too long to reboot.

Even though it shouldn't have changed this much, I think we need to reassess the "Not A" candidates, counted down from least to most likely.

  1. Claudia
    This is highly improbable, because Claudia has more important things to worry about than Hanna and her stupid murders. She needs RED, dammit! However, I want her to continue in many more episodes, because she's more fun than any of the other potential "Not A"s skulking around and sitting in the dark.
  2. Byron
    Because Chad Lowe looks like a sad-eyed, middle-aged Cambell's Kid, I never really bought into the idea that he smacked Charlotte upside the head with a nine iron. He's sitting in the dark, waiting for he can let her know he's back together with her mom! How sweet! See? He's a lover, not a fighter.
  3. Ezra
    The longer he stays away, and the more people wonder why he's run away, the more I think, "Eh, maybe he's guilty." Someone should tell him that convicted murderers can't profit from book deals about their crimes, just in case he had any ideas. Other possibility: he's dead in a stinky corner of Sara's secret hideaway.
  4. Jordan
    He is so awesome -- he doesn't even care if the New York Times wedding announcement refers to Hanna as a pathetic, unemployed loser! He also wanders around with his shirt unbuttoned, which proves that he's totally worthwhile as window dressing. If he isn't a psychopath, so be it.
  5. Elliot
    I get it -- he's Ali's new love interest -- but he is way too involved in her business. Begging Emily to be nice to Ali? Visiting her at work? Stop it, Elliot. Even if you're not "Not A," you clearly are not qualified to be a licensed psychologist. Maybe he's another former resident of the funny farm.
  6. Sabrina
    We didn't see Sabrina this week, which is probably for the best. With so many hormones running through her system, Emily might have actually been nice to her, not twitchy, and she would have ended up with a nice, normal girlfriend. Or with "Not A." Really, if Ems and Sabrina don't hook up soon, we'll have to assume the girl's only on the show to serve cappuccinos.
  7. Sara
    This girl is definitely creepy, and she clearly had a hard-on for Charlotte despite all this poor little Stockholm Syndrome victim nonsense. That smile after she tried to make friends with Ali?! The girl doesn't have functioning hands (but wow, that was an awfully nice hand wardrobe, wasn't it?) and has been using a nifty escape route in and out of her hotel room, but I'm still reluctant to declare her the most likely "Not A." Why? Because that would totally make sense, silly.
  8. Yvonne
    Yvonne didn't really have a lunch date with Spencer, but she was kinda thrilled to touch base, so...dastardly plan by "Not A" or Mona or whoever fell apart. Unless Yvonne went there to make sure Spencer got her phone and...gah, my head is spinning with possibilities! Yvonne seems so nice that I suspect she's either "Not A" OR the next murder victim.
  9. Mona
    Mona pops up just often enough to remind us she may, in fact, be bitter and crazy. That, or she just has bitchy resting face.
  10. Someone Completely Random
    I'm still sticking to this one as the most likely option, because Sara is too obvious, Mona hasn't been around much, the other new additions to the show are pretty one-note -- and hey, the show's got plenty of episodes left to mess with our heads.
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