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On Pretty Little Liars, A.D. Has To Be A Bunch Of People, Right?

Meanwhile, even the Liars hate games and think teenagers suck -- working at a high school is even worse than we thought it would be.

A.D. has to be a bunch of people, right?

Emily thinks she's throwing shade at A.D. by suggesting that the Liars' nemesis watched Jumanji too many times, but I really can't dismiss the impressive skill involved in keeping the ladies on a hook this way -- and I can't for the life of me believe A.D. is one or even two people. I'm beginning to think A.D. is an entire stable full of coders in the Maldives who are plotting against a bunch of spoiled American girls because they're bored after fixing our stupid election. Jenna may or may not be a pawn, but even if she can see (which I'm not ruling out, because you can't rule out anything on this show), it can't just be one or two people glued to every security camera in the city, designing complex games, pilfering old documents, and setting up Hanna traps in creepy old shoe repair places. Either there's a squad of A.D.s, or the solo operator has found some really quality interns.

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Emily can't be this unnerved by Addison, can she?

In every interaction she has with Addison, Emily looks like she's going to throw up right up until she has a full-on fit coming thisclose to blackmailing the girl. Have we loved Paige more? If she's not A.D. (you never know), she absolutely handled the Addison situation like an actual grown-up, which only serves as a reminder how ridiculous some of the Liars can be. As funny as Hanna sometimes is, for most of this episode she acts either spacey, pouty, or uncommunicative as she flounces around her apartment and tries to communicate through hair flipping. I wanted to shake her and tell her to use her words. Spencer, Emily, and Ali aren't any better, either. C'mon, ladies! It's the endgame!

Why do these stupid women keep their damn mouths shut when they're at school?

Yes, Addison needed material or whatever, but you would think Ali and Emily would realize they need to keep their mouths shut and their hands off each other at school, where "friendly hugs" can be photographed and submitted to the principal. Ultimately, Addison's attempt to channel teenage Ali is pretty weak, but it does move the whole game a little closer to its end, and I'm not sure anyone really wants that.

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Can Spencer stop Toby-ing every cop she meets?

She's asking Detective Furey to find Mary Drake for her? At what point does someone tell her to pay for her own P.I.? I'm guessing Furey's going to get killed or exposed as evil, because right now he's not trying too hard to sleep with Spencer (boring!), and he's sort of just showing up to show off what he looks like in jogging shorts before providing some helpful plot exposition. None of this can end well, really.

Does Hanna really think she can't replace a stupid belt?

Claudia gave her the idea and the belt, and it makes the outfit! It's so perfect it changes everything! Without it, it's a goth ballerina vomit costume! Shut up, Hanna. Go online and buy something on rush delivery. Get a Bedazzler or whatever. Just stop.

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Aria can't chop tomatoes without taking off her engagement ring?

I was hoping she'd leave it in the kitchen, which would be something for her to worry about next week, but no, it was just an opportunity for her to stare at it and think things. Does she really want to marry Ezra? Because really, he's been an uncommunicative asshole lately, and the idea he can't tell Nicole the horrible truth isn't compassionate, it's just mean. How can it be better to let your girlfriend think you've been pining for her in her absence, then spring it on her that you have a fiancée and have pretty much moved on with your life? Does that actually get better with time? No, no it does not. Just rip off the damn Band-Aid or go back to your ex, Ezra.

Jenna can tell Spencer's in the room from her breathing?

I get that she can smell Hanna's perfume, but what, does Spencer wheeze distinctively?

Does Mona have the most balls ever?

Every time the girls see Jenna, they whisper among themselves and cower, because it's pretty easy to hide from the blind girl. But Mona, she does not give a fuck. You go, Mona. You didn't get very far with Jenna, but at least you asked.

Why don't these girls get their shoes fixed at the mall?

I realize an old artisan shoe guy is so much more interesting than some teenager at the mall who just learned how to pound nails in a circle, but I would think the Liars would all try to actively avoid places that are dark, small and scary. Hanna has many, many good reasons for doing this, and yet she puts her art above deep psychological trauma. Its almost impressive if it weren't so stupid.

Holden is too perfect, right?

He cooks, he's nice, he's caring, he doesn't seem to weirdly pine for Aria but I don't think he'd turn her down if she fell into his lap. The guy has "rebound" written all over him -- so of course he has to be evil, right? If he turns out to be A.D., I will not only be completely disappointed, but I'll also believe it. No one in Rosewood is nice without an agenda.

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