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It's So Cute When Toby Thinks He's Sharing A Big Reveal Everyone Already Knows On Pretty Little Liars

Yet again, murder is making the Liars all weird, the weenies.

Why do they have so many shovels?

Seriously, do the Liars carry those around in the trunk of any car they're in, just in case they need to steal a palm tree, have a shovel fight (fun!), or bury a body? Did they leave, go to Ace Hardware, then return to the woods? If so, that would be seriously dumb, because how many people are on Death Row because their purchase of garbage bags, duct tape, rope, and something dumb like Twizzlers or a bag of Doritos was caught on surveillance cameras? A lot. But I like the idea that our girls are prepared. Prepared to kill and cover it up, but prepared.

For someone who cares so much about covering her tracks, Spencer knows crawling around on the floor with a bottle of Windex isn't going to do any good, right?

Everyone in this episode is soooo worried about destroying evidence, but they seem to have no idea that cleaning products leave suspicious residue that's just as damning. ...Just realized I watch too much murder reality TV.

No one who lives in Rosewood should either climb a tall structure or go near a window, right? WTF was Charlotte doing?

This is like the woman who was taking selfies at the Grand Canyon before plummeting to her death. You can only feel so bad about it.

If Caleb cries, does that mean true love, or is he just thinking he has no reason at all to be in Rosewood and he hates packing?

I don't see why Caleb had to rush out of town without even talking to Spencer one last time (she said she needed time! That's all! Time!), but I guess all the crying really took it out of him. Still, kudos to the show for one of the prettiest framing jobs in a scene that isn't a 1950s daytime soap.

When did Spencer start channeling Humphrey Bogart?

I was waiting for her to tilt Mario's chin toward her and say "We'll always have Paris" or something.

We're back to hating Mona?

Mona seems to know everything, always. It's like she's a plot device or something. She'd probably be helpful burying a body. Why the hate? Well, unless she reveals herself to be yet another "A" or something (it's always possible). But look, she knows how to hack cell towers, break into cars, find burner phones, everything! She has a hook-up for replacing windshields, no questions asked. Who has that who isn't in the Russian Mafia? She should have wings and a halo.

Jenna is back because she has such a good relationship with Toby? What?

Of course everyone's suspicious of Jenna, because anyone who conveniently shows up at the wrong time might as well wear a T-shirt with a target on the front. But is dropping by to wish her stepbrother well on his recent engagement something you really have to do in person? Couldn't she send a nice card and a quality blender, or maybe a fifty-dollar gift card to Costco or something? I don't trust Jenna's motives, largely because she could have done all of her well-wishing online by Braille or at the mall or something.

Is Mary Drake a creepy mother figure who really wants to be good or is she just evil dressed in black leather?

It could go either way at this point, but I'd like to think that Mary has gotten her payback and is now trying to be a semi-decent person. She wants to help Ali! That's why she's visiting her in a dark room and playing keep away with the call button! Eh, no one with that much eyeliner can be semi-decent. Never mind.

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