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How Much Spare Time Does A.D. Have To Make Elaborate Gifts For The Pretty Little Liars?

And more questions sparked by the midseason premiere!

With ten episodes left, someone we actually care about is going to die, right?

Spencer survived, so yay, but can we realistically expect everyone to make it to the end? I don't want any of the Liars to die or anything, but I'm pretty tired of Caleb and Ezra is on the bubble, so I'm thinking there's going to be more stabbing and decapitating, just because that was the theme of last season. I'm not sure if more slaughter is actually a good thing, just because there's SO MUCH killing on this show already. If there's not some blood or blinding or burning, it's not a season. But if anyone important is going to die -- which logically probably should have happened a long time ago -- I'm guessing it's okay to off someone now.

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Spencer's mad at her mom? What?

Mary Drake is Spencer's mom. Fine. The shock has to suck, but Spencer has to stomp off in a huff because her mom kept a secret from her? If anyone should respect the sanctity of secrets, it's Spencer. Also, if she should be pissed at anyone, it's her dad for his inability to keep it in his pants. Veronica is no saint, but she hasn't had the easiest ride, either.

Seriously, Yvonne?

Toby clearly looked too happy or something. A medically-induced coma isn't death, at least (there's still plenty of time for that), but she's taken out by a deer? Can these poor people leave town and be happy for a red-hot minute? Even Ezra thought this was a little cruel, and not in a funny ha-ha way. At least Spencer finally visited Toby, even if the game had to bully her into it. I don't know why she was so resistant anyway: Toby had nothing but love and sympathy, and she didn't even bring flowers or a casserole.

Hanna is so sure Ezra isn't going to go running back to Nicole, so Aria should just go ahead and plan her happy wedding, but why?

Hanna is trying to be a supportive friend, but she has a ridiculous amount of faith that this wedding will take place. Ezra might have made the big, dramatic gesture of tossing Aria's bag across the floor, but the fact that he couldn't tell Nicole the truth when he went to be with her, then goes running to her side when her parents call, suggests nothing good. Ezra, if he weren't an idiot, would realize he needs to take a break from both of these women to figure out his next move. Of course, that would imply character development and logic, which is not fun television. So, let's make this a big, expensive mess that ends in a tense meeting at the altar which may or may not actually happen anyway. Yay!

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What's with Holden showing up?

On other shows, a face from the past popping up can be a fun new story twist. On this show, it's always bad. Always. Go away, Holden, and stop with the smiling and the chef stories. Shoo.

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How much spare time does A.D. have to make that kick-ass board game?

Complete with doll game pieces! It even has video! It interacts with cell phones! It spits out secret letters written in mental health facilities more than twenty years ago! It even pops up video of the players committing crimes! This is the best board game ever! I would totally buy this. If anyone survives, they could make a mint selling it on eBay.

Are the hormones making Ali pissy, or is she just being Ali?

I get it. She's having a baby, the baby daddy is both crazy and dead, and she's still teaching at a high school -- the whole "dealing with teenagers thing five days a week on a crappy salary" thing is enough to make most people insane. But she's gunning for Paige in the middle of a committee meeting? She's sniping at Emily for committing the terrible crime of giving a shit? Ali seemed to have come a long way in the not-sucking department, but it seems pregnancy does not agree with her. Emily is totally justified in telling her to stop with the kissing, because Ali has to learn that acting like a high school bitch is a total buzzkill.

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Is it really so bad that Mona is playing boss with Hanna's label?

Hanna created her label, it's her dream, blah blah blah. Hanna is also a flake who might deal with a complex problem by kidnapping a guy. Let's just say she's pretty distracted these days. Mona wants to help! She may want part of the company, but let's face it: Hanna is just going to screw up everything anyway. Let Hanna be the flaky artist and give Mona the reins.

A.D. gives Jenna a braille notebook?

I really have to hand it to A.D. for being disability-inclusive here. He/She could have just told Jenna everything, but now the blind chick has handy written materials. Well done, A.D. Well done.

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