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The Dance-Offs Of The '90s Are Alive In Portland

Fred and Carrie (and Candace and Toni) return, at last.

Much as I still like Portlandia overall -- if only because its shorter run time and episode order help make it tighter than its co-star/creator Fred Armisen's last series job on Saturday Night Live -- even I can admit that the show's fourth season was kind of uneven. Nevertheless, there's usually at least one sketch per episode that keeps the show worth watching, which is why I'm happy that it's back tonight.

A good sign for the season to come is the first clip IFC's released from the premiere. Even though S5's guest stars apparently include the likes of Paul Reubens, Justin Long, and Paul Simon, we haven't gotten a look at them in action yet. Instead, we get to see a new side of some old, beloved characters. Let's travel back to the '90s, when Candace and Toni weren't dear, feminist bookstore-owning friends, but such bitter rivals that their animosity played out in a dance-off scored by Snap!.

Ladies, don't fight! You've both got the power. (Even if you've lost the spiral perm and shoulder pads.)

Portlandia airs Thursdays at 10 PM on IFC.

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