Kelsey Grammer Tries And Fails To Care About His 'Lifetime Ban' From Piers Morgan Tonight

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Hello, I'm Kelsey Grammer.
And I'm The Interview Extender!

The Scene

So what you're saying is, Piers Morgan's having banned you from his talk show on CNN hasn't really affected your life or your career, then?
It really hasn't.
But wouldn't it be a boon to Boss for you to be able to promote it on more outlets?
...What's that supposed to mean?
Well, just that Starz is kind of an underdog among premium-cable networks, and that Boss is not really a ratings juggernaut.
Everything I hear from Starz is very reassuring to the effect that Boss is reaching the audience that network executives would want it to.
But when was the last time you heard of people getting together to chat about what's happening on the show and where they think it's going?
I'm not sure that's the greatest metric for measuring a show's impact!
Social media chatter?
Do you have any evidence to show that living Americans have ever seen a minute of Boss?
I'm not on trial here!
Is it actually even a show, or is it an elaborate CIA cover-up operation like in that movie Argo?
Well, haha, if it were I couldn't very well answer that honestly, could I?
...Got it.
Move along.