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Upstaged By GoGurt: The Sam Healy Story

Orange Is The New Black showcases yogurt in a tube.

There are lots of good reasons that an adult prison guard would choose GoGurt for a midday snack. One is, like O'Neill (Joel Garland) said, his 4-Hour Body-mandated binge day has messed with his digestion. Another is that if you're going to eat yogurt and you're surrounded by angry, violent inmates, it might make sense to opt for packaging that doesn't require you to use a spoon that could be turned into a shiv. Whatever the reasons behind O'Neill's choice, we support the character's choice of GoGurt and its flagrant upstaging of Healy (Michael Harney) right when he's trying to make a point. Good luck focusing on anything but that tube of yogurt, everyone.

Orange Is The New Black

For Emmy Nomination Week we list:

Tubed foods Emmy nominees could easily sneak in to the award ceremony, for sustenance during the long, long ordeal!

  • GoGurt
  • Pez
  • Mini M&Ms
  • Pringles (short can)
  • Vienna sausages
  • Hot dog cannon hot dogs
  • that fish paste from Ikea
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