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Who's Going To Be Having A Gay Old Once Upon A Time?

The fairy tale drama is already one of the campiest shows on TV, but this season it's getting an actual gay storyline. We have some predictions about who might hook up!

It's official: the producers of Once Upon A Time have announced that the show's upcoming season will feature a same-sex romance, "because it's the world we live in." Given that the fairy tale epic is one of the more realistic shows in ABC's lineup, it's really about time. The show has already put a lesbian twist on Mulan, but the powers that be are playing coy about who might be involved in this new coupling. Don't worry: we have some guesses.

Dark Emma = Lesbian

While Emma is infected by The Dark One, she winds up making out with Regina to hurt Hook or Robin, because by all means let's equate homosexuality with evil. (This actually seems super likely and if it happens I may stop watching the show.)

Mulan Rouge

After her long unrequited love for Aurora/Sleeping Beauty, it would be nice if Mulan could finally get some. She didn't even get to go to Storybrooke during the first curse. She's never seen Ellen! We don't know much about Maleficent's daughter, but she seems likely to be at least somewhat fluid, Kinsey-scale-wise.

Repented, Seen The Light, And Made A Switch

Come to think of it, we don't know much about Maleficent herself. Her pregnancy seems to have been accidental, and she does dress in men's clothing while in our world. Maybe Ursula can come back. Those tentacles!


There are plenty of fairy tales still awaiting the OUAT spin. In the second half of the season, a charismatic amphibian comes to Storybrooke, and the true love's kiss that restores his human form doesn't come from where you first expect.

A Whole New World

While Jafar was the villain of Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, we still haven't seen Aladdin on either show. And come on, look at him.

Bibbity Bobbity Haaaaay

The latest magical realm to open a portal to Storybrooke is the high school on Faking It. Tanner arrives and teaches Henry a thing or two, and also becomes Belle's GBF (gay best fairy) and finally fixes her wig.

Hi Ho!

Grumpy meets a nice man on Scruff and has to change his name.


Look, we all want to see Charming/David and Hook/Killian make out. Or either of them making out with Robin. Or all three. I can't even come up with anything funny to say about it: it's just a fact. I know it would screw up all the existing romance arcs, but maybe Snow, Emma, and Regina can go off with each other happily too. It can be a spell! Much stranger things have happened on this show.