Once Upon A Time Tells The Untold Story Of Jekyll And Hyde

Again. Some more. Do you think there'll be a twist in which things are not what they seem?

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    Jekyll is trying to figure out why the Evil Queen is still alive, and ergo how to make her not. Snow wants to be "normal." The Evil Queen let Hyde out. Belle woke from her sleeping curse but isn't getting back together with Gold.

  • Meta Moment

    Rumple, Rumple, Let Down Your Hair

    Ever since we had to watch an entire scene about Pacey Witter getting frosted tips because Joshua Jackson's Cruel Intentions bleach was still growing out, a character very dramatically changing his or her hair because of an actor's outside commitments has been one of my favorite TV tropes. I don't know what Robert Carlyle's doing that required this long setup establishing what a bad mood Gold is in before he grabs a pair of (I guess magic?) scissors, followed by a reveal timed to his name appearing in the credits, then every single character commenting on his new look throughout the episode, but the man looks good.

  • Alert!

    Cameo Appearance

    Alert Type: Better Half Alert.

    Issue: Hyde and the Evil Queen come to see Gold looking for a cameo necklace "of great importance" to Hyde. Gold, as always, demands a price.

    Complicating Factors: It seems Gold can't kill Hyde. No one can. Just like Regina couldn't kill the Evil Queen, who has a good evil laugh about the whole thing.

    Resolution: Hyde takes the necklace and taunts Gold: "These stories, they're going to play themselves out whether you like it or not. And I sense you may not." Gold reminds the Evil Queen that she promised not to hurt Belle. Right, she did.

    Spoiler: It's always the quiet ones.

  • Meeting Time

    Heckling Jekyll

    Who called the meeting? Mary Lydgate, original owner of the cameo necklace, in Victorian London.

    What's it about? She's arranged for her father, an important doctor, to meet with her friend Jekyll.

    How'd it go? Jekyll shows Dr. Lydgate the (unfinished) serum, and Mary explains that his patients are without any other hope. Jekyll wants membership in the Scientific Academy to continue his work, but Dr. Lydgate thinks the work is too dangerous.

  • Meeting Time


    Who called the meeting? Rumple.

    What's it about? He appears as soon as the Lydgates leave and suggests that what Jekyll considers weakness is really strength. He fixes Jekyll's separated serum into a proper suspension -- "All science needs is a little magic" -- then goads Jekyll into taking the serum, telling him it will get Mary's attention.

    How'd it go? Well enough that when next we see them, Rumple and Hyde are crashing a fancy doctor party. Apparently there were no reflective surfaces between home and here, because Rumple explains to Hyde that he looks different from Jekyll because he's not the same man. He's not a man at all. He's "parts of a man. The parts, scars and all, that Jekyll wanted to hide from the world." And thus he dubs him Mr. Hyde.

  • Awkward

    Belle In A Bubble

    Situation: Gold comes to the Jolly Roger as Killian is packing to go, leaving Belle with a magic mermaid's seashell with which she can call him if she's ever in trouble.

    What makes it awkward? He warns them about Hyde and casts a protection spell around the ship to keep him out...that also keeps Belle in.

    How is order restored? It won't be for a while. Everyone is terrible at this.

  • Meeting Time

    Someone's Been Playing Hyde The Erlenmeyer Flask

    Who called the meeting? Hyde.

    What's it about? He introduces himself to Dr. Lydgate as a friend of Jekyll, and wants to chat about Jekyll's admission into the Academy.

    How'd it go? He also wants to chat about how Lydgate is banging his lab assistant. When Jekyll wakes up the next morning, as himself, he has an Academy pin in his pocket. But Mary was also quite taken with Hyde.

  • J. Walter Weather­man Lesson

    Eating Baking Soda And Vinegar

    Jekyll has been working on the serum in Frankenstein's lab, with help from Leroy and Doc. When Regina leaves to ask Gold for help, Hyde and the Evil Queen show up, knock everyone out, and smash everything. Hyde had left the necklace for Jekyll as a message to let him know he was out of prison, but of course Regina had enchanted it so they could track him.

  • Awkward

    Really, Why Are We Still Trusting Gold?

    Situation: Regina and Gold arrive at the lab to find it destroyed, the dwarves still unconscious, and Jekyll just come to. Jekyll still has a little bit of the serum, which he hid in case Hyde came for him.

    What makes it awkward? Since the Evil Queen promised to spare Belle and his unborn child, Gold's only concern is Hyde. He rips out Jekyll's heart and orders Regina to pour the serum on his dagger.

    How is order restored? Gold tosses the heart to Regina for her to put back, and leaves.

  • It's A Date

    Setting Feminism Back 100 Years...Oh, Wait

    Who's on a date? Mary and Hyde...sort of.

    Where has he taken her? He meets her on a dark, empty road, ostensibly to tell her of Jekyll's feelings for her. She says she couldn't ever be with him because of his work. "Things like passion and desire are little more than contaminants to be eliminated." She has a feeling Hyde understands her, as he's clearly unafraid. She kisses him.

    Are things headed in a horizontal direction? Bloody well yes.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Gold vs. Hyde

    David and Emma find Hyde in the woods. He evades them easily but Gold cuts him off, and stabs him with the serum-doused dagger. "Tell me, was this how you imagined your story playing out?"

    "Actually, yes, it is. Quite a twist. Don't you think?"

    Hyde removes the dagger. He knew Jekyll would try to hide the serum and switched the vials. And now he has the dagger, meaning he can control The Dark One. He orders Gold to take them to Belle.

    Winner: Hyde.

  • That Happened

    Actual Physics Class Is Less Boring

    Meanwhile, Snow returns to teaching at a giant school we've never seen before full of teenagers we've never seen before wearing school uniforms we've never seen before. How big is Storybrooke? Henry and Violet are clearly a couple, and Snow clearly didn't know about it.

    Snow is teaching high school physics, aided by Shereen, a new arrival from the Land of Untold Stories. Didn't Snow teach, like, second grade before? Anyway, she's miserable that the students don't remember anything she taught them. It's unclear if she's quizzed them on things she taught before she went away, or if she's upset because they haven't retained things in the hour she's been there. Either way, Shereen points out that she's not the same person she used to be, since her curse self and her original self are now merged, and tells her a story about how many years ago her own kingdom came under attack, and the only one who could save them was the Princess. "But she never fully embraced who she was, what a hero she could be. And as a result, our kingdom was lost." She won't say what kingdom it was, but given her accent and skin tone I think I might have an idea?

    Snow hangs the bad assignments on a tree and teaches Newton's Third Law by firing an arrow into them. It's unclear how this is an effective lesson, but her students are suddenly interested, and more importantly Snow is using both parts of herself.

    We are all this girl watching this storyline:

  • Awkward

    Giving New Meaning To The Walk Of Shame

    Situation: Jekyll wakes up next to Mary.

    What makes it awkward? Mary wakes up next to Jekyll, but she fell asleep next to Hyde. Plus Jekyll is upset that Mary slept with someone who isn't him...well, he is him...but she doesn't know that...except now she does, and she's also upset that he used the serum on himself.

    How is order restored? Mary tries to leave, Jekyll tries to stop her, and in the struggle she goes out the window. Jekyll takes the serum so that when Dr. Lydgate bursts into the room, it's Hyde he sees fleeing.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Belle vs. Killian vs. Jekyll

    Jekyll comes to the Jolly Roger to tell Belle and Killian what happened at the lab. Killian leaves Belle alone with Jekyll. Good protecting there, Ace.

    Jekyll tells Belle all about Mary, and says they would be together if she'd resisted Hyde. This bit of MRA nice-guy-ness creeps Belle out, and while she's pondering the seashell, Jekyll grabs it from her and smashes it. Belle stabs him with a piece of it and runs off, but of course she can't leave the boat.

    Jekyll catches up to her on the deck and exposits that he's here to make The Dark One pay for causing all of this by killing his wife. And Hyde's brought Gold to watch, to prove who the real villain is.

    Killian appears from out of nowhere, they fight, and Jekyll winds up impaled on a harpoon. To everyone's surprise, Hyde's most of all, this kills Jekyll and Hyde.

    Winner: Killian. Gold and Belle by default.

  • That Quote
    "Well, it appears there was one final twist."
    - Gold -
  • Wrap It Up

    Regina thinks this means that the only way to kill the Evil Queen is for her to die. That's a way... She's also upset because everyone thought Jekyll was the good one, but even with his darkness removed, "the capacity for evil remained." She asks Emma to kill her if her darkness returns.


    Belle's not having it with Gold. And I am not having it with this wig. "You know, you've destroyed two lives where there used to be one." She asks how he got involved with all this in the first place.


    Rumple finds Hyde packing the lab to flee. He's furious to find Hyde is distraught over Mary's death, because he loved her. If Hyde is weak then the experiment was a failure, and he's useless to Rumple. He sends Hyde (and Jekyll) to the Land of Untold Stories.


    Gold tells Belle he'd hoped to remove the weakness from himself back when he first started having feelings for her. He's glad now that it didn't work, of course. But Belle doesn't need or want his protection. Gold insists that she does, whether she likes it or not: their child will be a target.


    Snow gives Shereen an apple from her desk to thank her for her help. "It's a tradition in this world that for personal reasons I just can't get behind." She asks if the Princess from her kingdom ever fixed things there. Shereen doesn't know because she went to the Land of Untold Stories.


    Shereen walks alone in the woods and tells someone, "You can come out now." It's the oracle, who confirms that no one suspects who Shereen really is. Shereen asks the oracle if she's "found any evidence he's here." "No, but I know he is. I've foreseen it." They're looking for Aladdin, and Shereen is really Jasmine.

    Yeah, we kinda figured that one out already.

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